‘The Walking Dead’ returns with a sick Rick, an insolent Carl, and distraught Michonne


Well folks, the mid-season break is finally over, and things are moving forward as the survivors are trying to make it through the devastation of their world. So, let’s jump into this and see what is happening!


It seems like we are following two different story arcs. The first one being the story of Michonne. Michonne creates two more pack horses out of walkers and escapes the areas surrounding the prison. During her escape, she encounters the zombified head of Hershel, which she sends to its everlasting peace. Later, Michonne has a dream sequence where she remembers her lover, her friend, and her son as they were before the zombie apocalypse, during their run at survival, and after they succumbed to the infection.

The next story arc is Rick and Carl. Carl is proving himself to be a little self-centered brat who will not listen to anything his father has to say. Every time Rick tries to protect Carl, Carl lashes back. Rick is suffering from some severe injuries that occurred during his fight with the Governor. Rick and Carl find refuge in a beautiful house and have a nice night’s rest. Upon awakening and after breakfast, Carl tries to wake Rick but has no luck. Carl’s shouting attracts two walkers who attack the door.

the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-9-after-carlCarl attempts to lure the two zombies away but ends up walking himself into a box of walkers. While he is able to take them all out, he does end up in the bottom of a walker dog pile. And then pukes his guts out.

Carl…..puking does not equal win.

Michonne and her two walkers have created the nucleus of a herd, as more and more walkers gather around them. Michonne imagines one of the walkers is the zombie equivalent of herself.

Carl returns to the house and talks to unconscious Rick, blaming Rick for all of the deaths and losses they have experienced. Carl believes that he does not need Rick to protect him, that he can protect himself. To top it all off, he tells Rick that he is nothing and that he would be just fine if Rick would die (I’m starting to have a real issue with Carl). Carl also learns that believing himself to be a big man may not be the same thing as being an adult (or being able to knock down a door). Also, he makes some critical errors in dealing with a walker, which results in him wasting his bullets and losing a shoe (plus Carl probably needs to change his pants).

Carl seems like such a young child sitting on the roof, eating chocolate pudding.


Back to Michonne. Remind me to never, ever piss off Michonne. Like ever. That’s all I’m going to say. Emotional Michonne equals killing machine.

Michonne is tracking what looks to be other survivors in the muddy path in the woods.

Carl wakes to hear a strange sound. Rick is breathing like a walker and acting like one. Carl almost shoots Rick, but he can’t. He cannot take out his Dad. Rick talks to Carl, telling him to stay safe.

Michonne ends up at the restaurant that Rick and Carl originally looted in the beginning of the episode. Michonne has a moment where she breaks down a little, admitting that she misses her lover and settles some ghosts. Michonne ends up finding Rick and Carl.

And that’s it for this week folks. I can’t wait to tune in for next week to see who we end up following next.



So, what did all of you think of the episode? Personally, I was impressed. This was the perfect way to start up after the mid-season break. Let me know what you think!


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