Geek and Sundry gives us our first peak at “Caper”


photoI know I’m one of many people who mourned the end of the Felicia Day’s show The Guild. While the adventures of Codex and team can never be replaced, Felicia’s channel, Geek and Sundry, is preparing to launch a new show that looks equally intriguing.

​From Amy Berg (Eureka, Leverage) and Mike Sizemore (Howl’s Moving Castle Stage adaptation), Caper follows the lives of 4 superheroes who find themselves turning to crime to pay rent. Will Penny (Abby Miller), Alexia (Beth Riesgraf), Luke (Harry Shum, Jr.), and Dagr (Hartley Sawyer) pull of their heist?We prefer to use the term “caper!”

Check out the trailer below!


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