Where, oh where, are we with a sequel to ‘The Conjuring’?


With the success of The Conjuring in theaters, it had to be expected that a sequel would be on its way. First, we received word that a spinoff is in the works with the plot focusing on the incredibly creepy little doll, Annabelle. So where are we at with another movie about the supernatural, haunted, and creepy adventures of the Warren’s? Will we have a series of Conjuring films?


During an interview with Aint It Cool News, Vera Farmiga talked about her hopes for a sequel and expressed an eagerness to once again portray paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren. During the inteview, Farmiga stated an eagerness for the sequel to start sooner rather than later:

As you know, I cherish my collaborations with Patrick [Wilson] and with James [Wan], and I really have an admiration for the woman that I play. I think it’s an important story,” says Farmiga. “I’m not just making another horror flick. I really think this is the go-to gal for over the last five decades that people have gone to for discernment on certain negative mysticism. It’s a crazy subject matter. It’s bigger than my brain can contemplate. So, I’m hoping to see Conjuring 2 sooner than later.

So what is holding up the project? According to Farmiga, both New Line and Warner Brothers are waiting to see if James Wan will stick with his word that he will not return to horror (despite his successes in that genre). The major question for fans will be how long will the two companies wait for Wan’s decision before they start the search for another director who can bring the same type of horror to the sequel.

The spin-off, titled Annabelle, is currently in production.



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