Bow ties are…outdated? The new look of Doctor Who


I’m one of the Doctor Who fans who were introduced to the series through the New Who and know little to nothing about the previous 8 or 9 incarnations. So I see Capaldi’s age as less of a return and more as new and interesting territory. Today, the BBC released the first picture of his signature outfit, and it seems that it too is a little more grown up. While the red lining is a great touch, it lacks the radically out of place wardrobe pieces that marked the previous three looks. No “sandshoes,” leather jackets, or bow ties here!


Overall, it seems like a sharp new look that’ll be fun to cosplay. But I’m still hoping that they’ll find something else to add a touch of flare. Perhaps a hat or a radical new sonic? What do you think? Is this new look too somber and professional for the Doctor? Or does it fit in with all the other changes?



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