Season 1, Episode 11 (Vessel) of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ introduces us to Ancitif, a demon of a touchy type.


Sleepy-Hollow-Logo[SPOILERS] Well, we have returned to Sleepy Hollow and it’s time for the dark, creepy spirits and forces of darkness to reach up to claim the lives of those who live in that poor, haunted town. Well, let’s get into this episode!

We have a demon that jumps from body to body just through touch. It can make bloody writing appear on the wall. The blood drips, but no evidence remains. This is a full body possession with additional powers.

The demon wants Ichabod Crane’s Bible which was buried with him. It threaten’s to kill Captain Frank Irving’s daughter if he doesn’t get the Bible for the demon. The demon has possessed the body of one cop to make a threatening phone call and then slides into the annoying-as-all-Hell Detective Morales.


Clancy Brown returns for a bit of a cameo in a video that stars Lt. Abby Mills sister, Jenny. Abbie and Ichabod call Jenny and interview her about the possession. Jenny has never watched the tape of the Sheriff Corbin’s. They watch the tape and the Sheriff’s death is foretold as well is Abbie’s at the hands of Jenny. The possessed Jenny flies around the room while being tied onto a chair. Jenny refuses to help even though it is coming for Macey (the captain’s daughter).

The Captain took his daughter and wife to a cabin in the woods (I’m thinking that is always the perfect scene for a demon possession scenario a la Evil Dead). Irving brought two cops as protection, one of them being Morales.

Ichabod basically begs Jenny for help. At the same time, Irving has a priest in to bless the house and protect it by spreading salt at the entrances to protect his family. Morales can’t cross it until the other cop moves the salt. At that point, Morales snaps the other cop’s neck like a damn twig.

Ichabod shows us that we all learn something new everyday. In his case, he learns how to use the ‘pause’ button. While rewatching the video of the possessed interview, Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny notice the salt ring and then find that the demon is speaking Aramaic in reverse.

The trio do some research and find the name of the demon as well as how to defeat it. The lantern that they need sparks some interest. Both Jenny and Ichabod recognized the cage. The French had presented the lantern to Benjamin Franklin to combat evil in North America. Jenny saw it more recently.

Luke_MoralesWith Captain Irving outside the cabin on the phone, demon Morales makes his move. The demon leaves Morales body to possess Macey. The demon calls Irving from Morales’ phone, saying: “Time’s up!”

The possessed daughter stutter moves, with quick, jerky movements. While the priest tries to do an exorcism, the demon transforms further. It twists the priest’s head around like a bottle cap. It demands the Bible in no uncertain terms. Irving calls the trio, but he gives them time to save the day.

Ichabod and Abbie, with Jenny’s direction, are breaking into the storage location that contains the lantern. The area is beyond protected: cameras, locks, and land mines. Once they enter the building, they lose all communications with Jenny. They find the lantern and leave the storage building to find themselves surrounded by a group of guys armed with shotguns and machine guns.

The group of men who own the lantern are a vigilante group who believe they are fighting evil. Ichabod tries to convince them, but it takes Jenny (who knows these guys) to convince them by pointing machine guns at everyone.

Captain Irving tricks the demon by going to a location where the Bible is not. Irving and his wife try to talk their daughter to the surface of the possessed creature. Jenny and Abbie arrive.  Jenny and Abbie taunt the demon and Ichabod jumps out with Morton’s Iodized Salt and the lantern. Ichabod speaks the exorcism right and the demon is captured in the lantern. Macey has been saved.

By following his nose, Ichabod rinds secret writing in the Bible that gives us a date from George Washington that he wrote 4 days after he died: December 18th, 1799.




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