Season 4 Episode 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’: Too Far Gone brings us to an end of the prison and we say some farewells


It’s the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. It’s the time of year that those of us who are fanatics about the zombie series dread and love at the same time. 


Well, well, well. The Governor is giving a recruiting speech to Tara and the other survivors. He is pushing them to attack the prison in a surprise attack. Everyone is willing to join the Governor based on his word alone. The only person who seems to be willing to argue with the Governor is Lilly. The Governor has also told the group that he has some prisoners.

The Governor has Michonne and Hershel prisoner in his RV. Blake seems to be trying to work a central line, where the prison is his goal for protecting his people. Hershel attempts to convince him to work together with Rick’s group, but The Governor does not believe that Rick or Michonne would be willing to work and live with him. Nor would he be willing to let bygones be bygones.

Phillip (aka Brian aka The Governor) says a farewell to Lilly and her daughter. Lilly continues to try to convince him to abandon this line of action. The Governor has a sweet moment with the little girl.

Maggie is visiting a recuperating Glenn in the cells (hurray, we are back at the prison). Daryl has finally learned the truth about Carol. He is noticeably upset with Rick’s decision. Rick also makes a statement that Tyreese doesn’t know yet either. Rick and Daryl walk off to tell him.

Bob is sitting in the hall and Sasha thanks him for saving her life.

walking_dead_david_morrissey_tank_a_pRick and Daryl find Tyreese in the lower levels of the prison and Tyrese says that there is something else they need to see. There is a small carcass nailed to the wall, and Tyreese believes that the same person who killed his girlfriend and the other guy is the one killing critters. Rick starts to explain the situation when the prison is rocked by an explosion. The survivors run outside to see the Governor, a big old tank, and the folks outside with guns. They pull Hershel and Michonne out of the truck to use as leverage. The Governor is insisting that Rick come to a talk and act as the leader of the group (no council).

(Wow, do I ever have premonitions of where this episode is going….unless they prolong it and make it last the entire remainder of the season).

The Governor lays it all down for Rick. Give up the prison. They have until nightfall. Some of the Governors people don’t look happy with the conversation.


Back at the RV with Lilly and her daughter. A walker is crossing the river. Anyone thing it’s a bad idea to let a kid play in the mud beside a river with zombies in it? And there is a zombie buried in the mud, pulling the little girl to its mouth. The little girl is bit.

Oh no…the crazy little girl in the prison is trying to convince the other kids to help fight. And Carl is talking shit about taking out the Governor by shooting over his dad. Rick and Hershel try to convince the Governor that they all can live in the prison by using separate cell blocks. Rick stands up for his group and says that they are not leaving. He states that they all can live together or they will fight. Rick reaches out to the new survivors, saying that he will take any of them in. The Governor stands with a sword to Hershel’s neck. The Governor calls Rick a liar and chops Hershel Hershel in the neck. Michonne rolls away and Hershel is finished off by the Governor.

Tara wants out. Lilly appears carrying her daughter. The Governor takes her body and shoots her in the head. The Governor tells everyone to load up and attack.

And the fence comes down when the tank comes knocking.The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-8-Video-Preview-and-Sneak-Peek-Too-Far-Gone

Everyone is either fighting or running to the bus. Beth has gone after baby asskicker. A walker almost gets Daryl but Daryl uses the walker as a shield. Rick and the Governor are having a brawl in the field. The bus leaves Maggie, Sasha, and Bob behind. Tyreese is chased by two folks who are gunned down by the little girls. The Governor is strangling Rick when a sword pierces his chest. Michonne got her sword and took him out. The Governors new man is taken out by Daryl (arrow to the chest) after Daryl tosses a grenade into the barrel of the tank.

Carl and Rick are reunited, but where is baby Judith? The find the baby’s car seat, but all that is there is blood. Carl and Rick break down.

The Governor is dying in the field and Lilly walks up to him slowly to finish him off. Me, I would of left him to the walkers.

The prison has been abandoned.

Anyone who has read the comic knew that it would eventually happen, but this was a hell of a way to wrap up the midseason finale. Seriously, just damn.

Farewell to Hershel of the infinite shotgun and one of my favorite villains The Governor. Here are a couple of videos to commemorate their contributions (in a fun manner).

 Hershel’s Shotgun of Infinite Ammo Video:


The Governor Does Broadway

Farewell gents!

And for the survivors, where shall you go and what will become of you?



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