Tyler Mane’s newest project ‘Penance Lane’ is bringing back old school action horror


Mane Productions, the production house headed up by Tyler Mane (XMen, Troy, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2)  and Renae Geerlings, is working on their second film Penance Lane. You can read all about it below. The film is a return to gritty action horror with an amazing casting line up including Leslie Easterbrook, Daniel Roebuck, and Tyler Mane himself. Take a look at the movie description below and take a peak at the Indiegogo page. While the film has been funded through traditional means, the production company has added an interactive element for horror fans. While this funding will help the movie finish shooting, it will also give fans an opportunity to be involved with the filming experience.

Check it out. There are only 12 days left for the campaign. If you can’t contribute, share this article or share the page and get the word out!

From the official Indiegogo page for the film:

20131022131703-Penance_Lane-indiegogo_PosterThe population of Chesterton just grew by one. Crimson Matthews, so fresh from the joint you can still see the cuff marks, just dropped his hitch-hiking boots onto Main Street.  His car bomb temper has left a trail of shattered windows and broken jaws but Crimson is ready for a fresh start… perhaps wishful thinking considering his weakness for women in trouble.

Chesterton, however, could be a challenge.  A ghost of a town since the mine shut down, Chesterton takes care of its own, and Crimson, with his glare and web of tattoos, is definitely an outsider.   Then, Father John, guardian of the town’s hopes, who owns a dilapidated property on Penance Lane, extends a kindly hand and offers Crimson the job as handyman.  Crimson eyes the once-beautiful estate and realizes this is a second chance for the both of them.

But when Crimson uncovers something hidden and long-buried within the walls of Penance Lane he unleashes a world of dark secrets and violent intent.  With the threat of being dragged into its hellish depths, will Crimson finally learn when to walk away? Or will he drag the town of Chesterton into this nightmare prison greater than anything he’s ever known or even imagined?

Become A Resident

PENANCE LANE has traditional financial backers in place, but the team behind the film is excited to add an interactive element to the production process with this campaign, which also serves to secure the final funding to cross the finish line. Your contributions and sharing not only get you great perks, including everything from signed merch to behind the scenes access to screen-worn costumes, but you have the opportunity to be on set, and even on screen, as part of the shoot itself. You are not just helping us make the film, you are helping make the film. 

You can see the full trailer and a promotional video below!



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