Season 4, Episode 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’ – Dead Weight – features a bloody coup and returns the Governor to power


Looks like we will have another episode that focuses on the tragic hero (which I’m saying very dubiously) that is the Governor. Where will this episode take us and will we see the re-emergence of our old villain? Or will he continue on this path of redemption? Can he receive redemption after all that he has done?

The episode starts out with the tearful reunion of Phillip and Martinez. Martinez announces that he is in charge and no one is dead weight. The Governor spends some time talking to the little girl he saved about chess and about making his next move. In a scene of utter domesticity, Phillip and the survivors are staying in an RV (makes you think of Rick’s group).

the-walking-dead-season-4-ep-7-dead-weight-trailer-and-clipPhillip heads out into the woods with Martinez and some of his gang to find a survivalist’s cabin which is supposedly stocked with supplies. They encounter a decapitated body tied to a tree, the body labeled with a sign that states “liar”.

Our two survivor ladies have set up a medical camp to help treat all of the people.

Back with the gang, they encounter another decapitated body. This one is in a recliner and wears a sign saying “rapist”. I believe we have a vigilante on our hands. In a cabin, they find another body. This one died of a bullet wound to the head and is wearing a sign that says “murderer”. The group can hear something stirring in the cabin and Martinez sends the Governor in at point. The group is attacked by two walkers and two severed heads, but Phillip bashes their heads in with a pistol and a flashlight. The heads are punted.

The four guys kick back, drink some beer, and have a nice roaring fire. They have some bonding time, which the Governor seemed to prefer to hide his past as the leader of Woodbury.


The group returns to the camp and they all have a picnic where we learn that Martinez is a light weight when it comes to drinking. Martinez and the Governor end up driving golf balls off the roof of an RV. Martinez discusses what happened to the other henchmen that survived the Governor’s murder spree (he was bit my a walker and Martinez put him down). The Governor ends up clubbing Martinez in the head with the golf club and kicks him off of the roof of the RV. Phillip drags Martinez to a zombie pit and feeds him to the walkers, all the while screaming “I don’t want it”. Martinez had just got done saying that the two of them should lead together. I guess this was Phillip’s way of declining the appointment.

One of the two brothers who went on the looting run with the Governor and Martinez has taken short term control of the camp. The brothers ask Phillip to go another run with them in the woods, where they encounter another band of survivors (about 10). The other brother wants to rob the camp, but the new leader refuses. When the trio leave to hunt, the camp is attacked and everyone has been killed. It’s a dog eat dog world, folks.

Phillip (aka Brian) returns to the RV in a panic. He convinces his temporary family to leave with him (plus one more survivor) because he feels that something is about to go wrong. As they are driving down the road, they encounter a bunch of walkers that are stuck in a mud pit. There is no escape.

the-walking-dead-season-4-kirk-acevedo-enver-gjokajThe Governor wakes to a beautiful morning and decides its time to kill some people. He kills the brother who took over the camp by stabbing him to death and forces the other to sit down at gun point. The Governor announces that he is taking over the camp and will protect it no matter what it takes.

The Governor disposes of the dead brother’s body and the other brother joins with him as the new camp leaders.

The next debate that follows is what do they do? Do they stay or do they go? Phillip believes that they need to find another safe place. While the discussion takes place, a walker makes it into camp and almost takes a bite out of the little girl who has replaced Penny in Phillip’s heart. Phillip saves the little girl again.

The Governor is starting to go nutso again. The brother that he killed (Pete?) is tethered to a rock in the lake. The Governor stands on the dock and looks down at the walker reaching up to him. The Governor definitely seems to like to enjoy his walkers in water. The Governor makes  a trip to the prison. He sees Rick and Carl and pulls out his gun. He approaches the fence and sees Michonne. He aims his gun at her….. Show over.

The motto for the next episodes? “Some will fight….some will fall”. Looks like there is a full on bloodbath coming up soon (also looks like we are picking up from another high point in the comics).





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