Season 4, Episode 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’-Live Bait brings us back to our arch-villain The Governor


“Live Bait” is an interesting title for the next episode of The Walking Dead, isn’t it? Let’s get started with the play by play.

1384508834__1384384910Episode starts out with the scene that we saw in the sneak peek videos, where a walker stumbles into a fire, trying to munch on our one-eyed villain. Woodbury has been burnt to the groud and the Governor struck out on his own. As the bearded Governor shuffles around the countryside, we hear the Governor talk to other survivors about Woodbury and how it fell due to the “man in charge”.

Wait, where are the Governor’s buddies?

Also, I love the song that is playing as Phillip rambles around.

The Governor falls in the street of some backwater town but then sees a young girl in a window. Upon entering, he encounters four survivors (two women, an older man, and the young girl). He drops his weapons and gear so he can enter their home.

When the survivor family ask Philip his name, he says ‘Brian Harriet”. I was really expecting Brian Blake (if you read any of the books, you know what I’m talking about).

The Governor is staying in another apartment and the family feeds him butter beans (which he pours out of the window). He eats some unidentifiable thing out of a can. We have a serious of scenes where the microcosm of the family is revealed, including the fact that the folks do not know how to kill the walkers. The old man asks the Governor for help with his girls by going to get a game from another room.


Phillip find a walker with no legs in another apartment. He silences the zombie and takes a revolver out of its hand. He returns with the game and then goes to his room, where he looks at a picture of his family. He folds over his face.

I’m loving the fact that this episode is all about what happened to the Governor after he massacred the folks of Woodbury.

The one daughter asks Philip to go to a nearby retirement home to locate more oxygen bottles for their father who has stage 4 lung cancer. He goes and encounters several walkers who are immobile in beds or wheel chairs. He finds a cart full of bottles but is only able to escape with two due to a zombie strike.

The Governor seems to be pulled out of his shell some by interacting with the family. The little girl talks to the Governor and even gets him to pinky swear. He tells her that he is a pirate (to explain the eye patch). He tells the little girl about protecting his little girl. I’m impressed with the Governor for saying he’s a pirate (except I am).  The Governor teaches the little girl how to play chess while the two daughters sit in with their father who is dying.

I was wrong. He was dead and turned. Philip bashed his head in with authority using an oxygen tank. The other members of the family were scared because they didn’t know that if you die, you turn.

Philip burns the picture of his family and makes to leave to apartment complex. He knocks on the family’s door to let them know and they insist on traveling with him. They all jump inside a truck and hit the road.

the-walking-dead-live-bait-martinezLove is in the air…..I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t watched anyone brush their teeth. So, ew.

Then the truck breaks down. On foot, they quickly find one of their team injured. They also encounter a small herd of zombies and make a run for it. The Governor and the little girl fall into a pit (looks like one of the pits the Governor caught zombies in. The Governor kills the walkers in the pit and protects the little girl. Who finds them in the pit? One of the Governor’s henchmen, Martinez.

What did you all think of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead? Do you like where the season is going? What would you like to see happen with the survivors in the prison, the Governor, and the world in general? Anyone else feel like we have 5 minutes of decent introduction, 45 minutes of suck, and then 10 minutes of pure awesome?
The sneak peek to episode 7 is available below! Take a peek!






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