Episode 5, Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Internment) brings more death, sadness, and maybe some hope


Here’s another week of the hit zombie show, and more death follows. Let’s get into the meat of it.

Well, the disease continues to take its tool on the survivors and the body count continues to rise. Hershel and Glenn take care of the ill while Maggie slaughters the dead at the fence. Rick arrives with his loot and has a discussion about leaving Carol out in the wilds. Rick and Carl have a warm reunion where Carl challenges Rick’s right to keep him indoors.

the-walking-dead-season-4-ep-5-internment-trailer-and-clipCaleb, the ill doctor, pushes Hershel to start taking things in hand. Caleb hid two shotguns and shells under his cot before he contracted the sickness. Hershel is optimistic beyond all belief (I believe his is a forced optimism as he tries to keep hopes high, not a naive belief that everything will be ok).

Another survivor dies and Sasha helps Hershel get the body on a stretcher so that Hershel can quiet the awakening zombie away from the eyes of the other sick folks. Rick observes Hershel’s actions while on the other side of the glass. Hershel and Rick have a philosophical debate concerning a ‘master plan’ behind the infection. Rick also tells Hershel about Carol.

More death comes about by the way of the illness. Sasha is passed out on the floor and another girl turns into a zombie after the illness kills her.


Sasha comes to with Hershel holding an IV bag. Glenn is in another cell with another survivor who has passed away. He tries to administer chest compression, but to no success. Glenn falls to to the ground coughing like crazy. More survivors turn, attacking other survivors. Hershel is knocked to the ground. The little girl is treating on the walkers like a puppy, calling to him to follow her. While Hershel has to kill Caleb the zombie, more chaos ensues.

The fence comes down, and the first line of defense has crumbled to the zombie flood. Rick and Carl load up for war and the second fence comes down. Father and son mow down the dead. Carl shocks his dad with how efficient Carl is with killing walkers.

Hershel loads Caleb’s shotgun and lures the zombies to him. Blowing walkers apart with a scattergun must be high entertainment.

The-Walking-Dead-Episode-4.05-Internment-Promotional-Photos-2_FULLGlenn is dying. Maggie breaks into the cell block to help Glenn and Hershel, but Glenn is in a rough way.

Carl and Rick are on clean up detail, lobotomizing all of the fallen walker’s. Tyreese, Michonne, Bob, and Daryl arrive with their portion of the loot and antibiotics (not that the majority of the survivors will be needing any of the meds). Will the folks are being treated, Hershel goes to say goodbye to his friend Caleb. Hershel seems to be traveling a lonely road anymore. Watching him cry was about as heart-rending of a scene as anything I have watched on this show.

While the remaining survivors clean up the bodies, The Governor watches from outside the fence line.

The return of The Governor is imminent!!!

What did you think of this week’s episode? How do you feel about the direction of the path of the show? Let me know here at Lytherus!



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