Episode 4 of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Indifference) brings the survivors out to loot and pillage


Here we are…another episode of The Walking DeadSo, what is going on tonight?

We open with a mix intro where Carol is giving some of the worst or most terrifying parent talks to the little girl. I’m thinking that the mom of the year award this year should probably go to Carol for just being completely screwed up and dedicated to screwing up all of the kid’s minds around her. And is it just me, or is Carol talking about herself more and the zombies less when she is talking about everyone changing? While all of this is going on, we follow Rick as he puts together who killed the two sick people and burnt their bodies. Carol is the one who has changed the most.

We get back with the group who are on the road, trying to find antibiotics for the flu strain that is slowly killing everyone off. Carol and Rick are on a road trip (why is Rick bringing the gasoline??). Carol is a little bit of a psychopath. She is trying to logically defend her murders.

Walking, walking, walking. Michonne is hitting on Daryl a little bit. Awkward.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-4-Video-Preview-and-Sneak-Peek-IndifferenceCarol and Rick are pillaging and looting houses in a small neighborhood while the other survivors are looking at trying to get another car. While chopping through some shrubbery around a building, zombies come spilling out. Looks like Tyreese might be aiming for a ‘suicide by walker’ scenario as he pretty much does everything in his power to let himself get bit. Then Carol almost gits bit by a walker falling down a flight of stairs. Rick and Carol find some more survivors!

While Carol doctors the injured, Rick begins his interview of the duo. You can see that he doesn’t entirely trust the situation, but he does end up warming up to them and filling them in on the prison. The newbies agree to go to the prison and head out with Rick and Carol to loot the town.

Meanwhile, back at the garage. Daryl and Bob are looking for a car battery while Michonne and Tyreese have a heart to heart about anger and hatred. Daryl and Bob have a nice chat about Bob’s history and his addiction to the bottle. This includes Bob’s self loathing for causing the death of Zac.

Carol and Rick have a deep conversation about the moralities of murder and which was self defense (Rick killing Shane vs. Carol’s killings).

The road crew enters the veterinary building and starts looking for whatever they can salvage.

Well, there’s one less survivor among the newbies. The girl ended up being chowed on by the walkers.


The road crew finds everything on their shopping list, but on their exit, they encounter a bunch of walkers. There is a definite claustrophobic feel to the final area before the exit. The walkers in the main hallway all died of the infection and the group is fearful of being infected. They kill another trio of walkers and make their way up the stair tower, where more walkers roam. Bob risks his life, and all of the other’s lives, over a bottle of booze. Daryl goes to smash the bottle when Bob stops him by threatening to draw his gun. Daryl gets in Bob’s face and takes his gun away.

The other survivor is late and Carol is set on leaving him behind.  Rick breaks it down Big Bird style to Carol that she is a murderer. It wasn’t her call to kill those two. When Tyreese finds out or the other survivors, there will be two results: Tyreese will kill her or Carol will be banished. Rick doesn’t want Carol around anymore either. No matter what history exists with the team, there is no way a killer can be left with the team. And Carol rides off into the sunset. Both groups get in their vehicles and drive back toward the prison.

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You can see the preview for the next episode (Internment) here:

I’m dying to know. What do you all think of the first 4 episodes so far? Do you like where the story is going or if not, where would you like the tale to go?


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