The Road to ‘Ender’s Game’: Seven hopes for the movie


Whenever a movie is adapted from a book, there are changes that have to be made, and probably every reader will lose at least one scene or bit of dialog they loved. However, despite the concessions that need to be made to transition from one to medium to another, there are highlights of every story that one assumes will have to be there. As we look toward Ender’s Game in a couple of days, we put together a list of things we thought were somewhere in-between those two extremes. Things that probably aren’t vital to the movie, but that added greatness to the book. It is a little spoilery if you haven’t read the book, but we tried to keep it to a minimum.

Let us know what you hope to see, and come back in a few days to see if any of our list made the final cut.

6260431_f260Valentine and Peter

Not only is the dynamic between the three children pivotal to the story of Ender’s Game, it’s essential if they actually manage to turn this into a franchise. Since they have the benefit of knowing where the stories go from here, we’re hopeful they’ll have learned from Dobby and as least touch on the other Wiggin kids. It looks like the raft scene with Valentine is seen briefly in the trailer, but that scene alone is very important for the development of Ender.


Likewise, Bean needs to not be reduced to a cameo. His casting came as something of relief since it showed that the film makers weren’t cutting him out completely. Now they need to make sure he has a chance to shine alongside Ender. We’ll be discussing this more after the movie, but Ender’s Shadow could be a good choice for a sequel if this movie does well.

hyrumgraffGraff and Anderson

It’s doubtful that the “behind the scenes” discussion that Card started each chapter with will translate well to film. But we think that the added perspectives Graff and Anderson, and later Mazer, provided subtly shifted the story. Maybe they can’t do as much in the movie, but we’re holding out hope for a few side conversations between the adults.

The Game

Played by the Battle School kids on their “desks” this game would also be difficult to portray on the film. How it both shaped Ender and was shaped by him played a large role in the book, and it would be nice to have at least part of it in the film. We think the main moment with the Giant’s Drink could be done well if they continually make small references to the game leading up to it.

Ender Fading

This is going to be a Hollywood blockbuster. As such, we can see where they might want to have Ender be close to invincible, but in the book part of what sold the idea of kids playing war games was the amount of wear and tear it had on Ender. By the end he was not only emotionally and physiologically affected, he was flagging physically as well. We’d love to see them to show this in movie Ender too…and it’s more about appearance so it wouldn’t take up any extra time.

dcdc6c694e3bfbcfde1f887328c54bae_LRackham’s Mentorship

Meeting Mazer Rackham was a huge deal in the book. Having him polish off Ender’s schooling even more so. They’ve brought in Ben Kingsley for this role, so we’re really hoping they intend to do right by it. At the very least, we’re hoping for a star struck Ender at their first meeting.

The Ending

Okay, obviously, we aren’t going to go into detail here for the sake of the people who haven’t read the book. But going back to some of what we’ve been saying about this series throughout this week, the book has not only a grand science fiction ending, but also a quieter, deeper one. We’d really like to see this included in the movie. While tricky, it would make a much more interesting ending, and it would set the bases for a possible sequel.


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