Attention Pacific Northwest: Usula Le Guin event in Salem, OR


EarthseaThere are few names in science fiction or fantasy that evoke as much respect as that of Le Guin. Whether it’s A Wizard of Earthsea or Left Hand of Darkness, her books have touched nearly every genre reader. But above and beyond providing us with phenomenal literature, Le Guin is one of a handful of authors who are able to articulate their thoughts and theories about writing, reading, and science fiction and fantasy. As much as I cherish the Earthsea books, my favorite of her books will always be Language of the Night. This collection of essays address many topics, but many of them put words and definitions to what drew me to genre fiction. Possibly no other modern book has done so much to shape who I am as a reader and student of fantasy.

So if you’re even vaguely in driving distance of Salem, OR, I encourage you to check this event out. You won’t regret an evening spent listening to Le Guin talk about her books and her writing. Here’s a link to the ticket information, and some more information about the event.

Ursula Le Guin 8.5 x 11 poster



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