Episode 2, Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead: Infected’ is a lesson in fighting for survival


Let’s take a look at what is happening in this insane episode. So much blood, so little time.

I know that most of you already saw it in last weeks preview, but someone is feeding rats to the walkers and getting them to gather at the fence. That is all sorts of messed up. That could explain why there is such a build up of walkers.

the-walking-dead-season-4-karen-infectedTyreese’s lady is walking through the showers, thinking she heard something. It’s only a walker, but she never sees him.

We also have zombie Patrick entering the cell block to chew the throat and guts out of another survivor (one of the randoms who we have never met). Patrick bites the man’s throat out which effectively negates the man’s ability to call out or scream which would have warned the others that things were not well.

Between dead rats, zombies, zombified survivors chowing down, and romance in the air with Tyreese, we have an impressive start to the episode.

So each of the chewed on survivors reanimates to become another flesh-eater, quickly making the prison an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Glen and Maggie have taken to sleeping in the tower (which I find to be extremely practical and intelligent). We get a little bit more lovey stuff from them, but then Maggie is back on duty. Rick and Carl are heading out to do some more gardening while walking with Michonne. Michonne is heading out for another scouting raid. Carl tries to convince Rick that the two of them (or just Carl) should help the others in killing the walkers at the fence, but it seems that Rick is trying to limit Carl’s exposure to violence. The fact that Carl killed that kid from last season in cold blood must stick in Rick’s mind.


Gun fire erupts in the prison and everyone outside attempts to head in and see what is going on. Michonne tries to come back, but she is attacked by two walker’s. Carl kills one with a rifle (he promised his dad that he will no longer shoot), and Maggie and Carl help the injured Michonne get inside. Rick, Daryl, Glen, and Carol run through D wing, killing the walkers, aiding the injured, and trying to calm everyone.

Once the killing is wrapped up, Hershel, Rick, Bob, and the doctor discuss what would cause two people who weren’t bit to turn. Looks like a flu strain is infecting the survivors, killing them. All people who were exposed need to be kept separated from the others, according to Hershel.

Carol is helping two young girls deal with their father dying by letting them silence their father before he turns. They aren’t able to do that, so Carol finishes the job. I’m not sure whether this was a good idea or not. It’s one hell of a way to traumatize two little girls for what I’m assuming will be a short life.

It looks like Tyreese’s little lady might be sick as well. She mentions another survivor who is coughing as well. The duo are separated from the others and moved to a cell in the tombs.

4f271cf701ed72e481887caa0a9e2802TWD402GP05200242-1380321831Daryl is outside in the yard, burying the dead. He has a conversation with Rick about the picking up the reigns of leadership again. Rick is upset with himself about not carrying a gun anymore and how he feels that he is not pulling his own weight.

The zombies are swarming the fence line and the survivors try to thin the herd. That is when they make the discovery that someone is feeding the walkers. The fence begins to buckle as the weight of the walkers start to overcome the uprights and the strength of the survivors who attempt to hold the fence up.

Carol is still trying to convince Carl not to talk to his dad about the knife training she is giving to the children. Beth is singing to baby Asskicker and Michonne is unwilling to take the task of holding the little baby. In about one second we see why. Michonne breaks into tears while holding little Judith. Something is her past is haunting her.

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Outside, Daryl and Rick are taking a jeep and trailer outside the fence to lure the walkers away from the fence. How so? Rick sacrifices the pigs that he has raised as bait. There is a potential that the pigs themselves are causing the infection in the prison. I really wasn’t a huge fan of hearing the pigs squeal in pain, but that’ s life. You can see it takes a lot out of Rick to kill anything this entire episode, be it pigs or walkers.

Rick is tearing up the pig enclosure and is prepping to burn it when Carl fesses up to Rick about Carol teaching the other kids to protect themselves and/or kill. Rick isn’t going to address this at all. He even goes so far as to give Carl back his semi-automatic pistol while Rick straps on his revolver.

Tyreese has picked a bunch of flowers for his lady and goes to the tombs to visit her. He finds a blood trail exiting her cell. He follows it outside where he is horrified to discover two smoldering corpses outside the building. Someone decided to take matters into their own hands with these two and their potential infection.

Well, that is about it. What did you think about this week’s episode? Are we seeing a return of the old sheriff Rick? I’m thinking the Ricktatorship has permanently come to an end, but I’m hopeful that Ricks steps back into a leadership role.


Take a look at the preview for next week’s episode (‘Isolation’) here:


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