October 17th brings to us ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’ or reasons why small airplanes are slightly terrifying


MV5BMjE2MDMxODUxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk4Mjk0Ng@@._V1._SX400_SY565_A red-eye flight from LAX to Nashville takes a terrifying turn of events when the passengers become infected with a highly contagious virus, and find themselves quarantined in an airport following an emergency landing. Picking up immediately after the events depicted in Quarantine, this relentlessly tense sequel finds the passengers of Flight 318 ascending into the clouds as reports of a sequestered L.A. apartment building begin filtering though the nightly news. Shortly thereafter, the passengers on the flight begin to exhibit disturbing rabies-like symptoms, forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing at an isolated terminal in a large metropolitan airport. As the group hastily departs the plane, terrified flight attendant Jenny (Mercedes Masohn) bravely attempts to lead them to safety. But when a squad of police officers and emergency workers arrive on the scene accompanied by the CDC, the passengers’ relief turns to horror as they realize they have been quarantined, with no hope of escape. Now, their only chance of living through this nightmare without getting infected by the virus or shot down while fleeing rests in the hands of Jenny and resourceful kindergarten teacher Henry (Josh Cooke), who try to remain calm long enough to formulate a viable escape plan.

I think that for the future if and when I fly, I will carry enough zip ties and duct tape to tie down and gag any freaking out passengers who attack the plan’s cabin. Lesson learned, folks.

From the synopsis above, you know how the disease starts out. An infectious, rabies-like disease is released in an apartment building in LA. Now, somehow infected critters are on an airplane and their bites are making everyone turn into the infected. The bites from lab rats and cats are carrying the pathogen. The question remains “how did infected lab rats get onto an airplane?”

Quarantine 2 Terminal 4

One large passenger starts the infection among the humans. He is restrained but in the process, he bites one of the stewardess’ in the face. The plan is forced to land and the infection begins to spread. During the evacuation of the plan, several other passengers are infected. One airport employee is in the airport with them and he identifies that the airport has been locked down, like a terrorist attack. Local first responders along with the CDC arrive and begin to lock down the building, trapping the passengers and the staff in the airport.

One thing I started to learn really quick is that running from one claustrophobic atmosphere into an even more claustrophobic area is not an effective survival method. Going from a plane, to a closed down airport wing, to the inside of a catering container, and then ending up in duct work all makes their survival an extreme challenge. I’m thinking this is exactly what I would not do in the event of either a rabies/rage outbreak or the zombie apocalypse. It just doesn’t seem to be a winning proposition.

I don’t want to get into the entire story or the ending because the movie is actually pretty entertaining. Claustrophobic atmospheres generally creep me the hell out and adding raging infected to that made a strange sort of terrifying sense. Was the movie perfect? No. There could have been more time spent developing the characters so that we actually cared whether they lived or died. When our survivor does make it out, it wasn’t with a huge sigh of relief on my part. It was more just an “OK”.

Note: Rabies/rage/zombie infection is more powerful than Parkinson’s. Something to note.

imagesSecond note: If your cure to the infection involves sticking a needle into the lower part of your eye, I think you might have the wrong cure. Just don’t do it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I’d rate it a 7 out of 10. It was different enough from the first movie that it could stand on its own and it made me get creeped out a little. What’s the point of watching a horror movie if you don’t get at least a little scared? Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think. Is this something you want to see?


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