Episode 1, Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead: 30 Days without an Accident’ brings us zombies, death, and survival.


The Walking Dead Season 4

[SPOILERS] This is what it is all about. Rebuilding society in a prison. It’s interesting to see all of the work being done by the survivors to make this a home for themselves. It is even more interesting to see how some of the newer members in the prison have almost a “fan crush” on our original survivors.

The walker build up around the fence and all of the attempts to reduce their numbers is also an indicator. Humans (aka zombie bait) must be an all time low in population numbers which is causing the walkers to move to higher food concentrations.

Love is in the air for good old Tyreese and for Beth! I guess 30 days with peace has worked wonders in developing a sense of normalcy.

I also appreciate how the survivors have fortified the prison and made it more of a fortress. The gate with the spike pickets would be an effective defense against the living dead and even against human invaders (granted, if they are running with heavy firepower and grenade launchers like the Governor’s men, they would still have some issues).

Michonne is running scout for the team and is picking up “hard to find” items like comic books and a razor for burly Rick.

the-walking-dead-season-4-HDWhile Daryl, Sasha, and some other folks go out on a run, Rick goes out to check their trap line. He ends up with a rabbit, a deer that the walker’s ate, plus a dirty survivor lady who he initially mistakes as a walker.

Side note: in 30 days, Carl has aged about 5 years.

I am extremely happy to see that Rick has incorporated a sense of caution when it comes to other survivors. The dirty lady wants to bring her family to the camp, but Rick tells them that he needs to meet them first.

Carl plays hardball with some other kids who have named some of the walkers. Carl is adamant that walkers are dead and are not human at all. One of the other children, an older girl, proceeds to argue with him.

The survivors on the run clear out a store and enter to start pillaging and looting. They are being led by Detective Daryl, Michonne, and Sasha. Unbeknownst to them, the roof of the store contains a crashed helicopter and is teeming with walkers.

While Rick is chatting with the lady in the woods about her recent history, Bob (ex army medic) is fighting his temptation with the bottle and wins. While placing the bottle back on the shelf, the entire unit collapse on top of him, alerting the zombies on the roof that there is food below. As they all drift in the area of the noise, the roof begins to collapse and we have zombies falling from the sky. I’m not sure how much closer to hell you can get than that. One zombie’s guts get caught in the rafters and it is just hanging out. The others are either hitting the ground and getting back up or they are landing head first, splattering across the ground.

The Walking Dead Season 4 (4)

Things get real ugly all around. Beth’s main squeeze is chowed on by a zombie, right before the helicopter on the roof fell through and landed on both the zombie and the dying young man. The crazy lady with Rick gets to her camp, only to try to kill Rick. She then stabs herself so that Rick can quiet her before she can reanimate. She only wants to be with her loved one again (newlyweds right before the zombie apocalypse). I’m glad that Rick didn’t want to see what was in the bag. In the words of Brad Pitt in Se7en, “What’s in the box, what’s in the box?” Uhm…..it’s a head.

Carol is holding story time with the kids, which quickly turns into knife lessons.

Everyone is back home safely, except for the annoying kid, Zach. Daryl breaks the news to poor Beth who takes the news with a surprising strength. Being a safety guy, I have to love that she is using a “30 Days without an Accident” board to track all of the deaths.

I love Hershel. Not only can he bust on Rick with the best of them, he is also the soul and logic of the group. Rick talks to him about the lady and all of that insanity, with the realization that he was almost to that level himself.

Violet the pig died. Not sure the importance of that little event, but I’m sure it will end meaning something.

The one young guy with glasses (the other boy about Carl’s age) wakes up and has some sort of attack. Maybe asthma? He passes out in the shower. Somehow, he has turned into a walker. Maybe he died from his attack.

Next week looks insanely awesome.

I’m extremely happy with the premiere. It was fairly survivor friendly and opens up how the world has progressed since the finale of the previous season. What did you think? Was this an effective premiere? Are you looking forward to the rest of the season? Let me know!


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