New ‘Legend of Korra’ clip gives us our first look at the very first Avatar… and how he came to be!


legend-of-korra-beginnings-first-avatar-wonExciting news, Legend of Korra fans: Nick and Entertainment Weekly are giving us our first glimpse at the very first Avatar, Won, following his first interaction with Korra! The clip was released ahead of New York Comic Con, where Entertainment Weekly is reporting that attendees will get an early look at the two-part episode, Beginnings, which will premiere on Friday, October 18th.

EW has also revealed the plot for the two-parter:

Korra discovers the origins of the first Avatar and learns what she must do to restore the balance between the spirit and physical worlds.

The clip, a minute long portion of Friday’s upcoming episode, show’s Korra’s first interaction with Won, which leads to the very first Avatar beginning the tale of how he became just that. Take a look:

avatar-won-first-avatar-ew-playerEntertainment Weekly couldn’t have said it any better: these are some very un-Avatar-like things for the first Avatar to be caught doing!

Now we ask: Beyond what we see in the video, what do you think lead to Won gaining the power to control all four elements and become the world’s first Avatar?


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