George Lucas might be involved after all: the ‘Star Wars’ creator worked on the new trilogy for a year


star-wars-episode-vii-filming-dateTo some, the idea of George Lucas’ involvement in the newest three Star Wars films, currently being produced by Disney, is a good idea. To many others… it’s a nightmare.

News has surfaced that George Lucas was, and may well still be, involved in the creation of the newest Star Wars films. According to reports, Lucas worked on the new trilogy for a year before selling LucasFilms, his production company, to Disney.

We’ve known for a while that Lucas would be working on the film as a “creative consultant”, but the scope of his role — or any additional role — has yet to be revealed. New comments from his youngest child, Jett Lucas, shed some light on the matter:

“We knew probably a year prior (to the purchase) he had started writing and king of researching, starting his whole little process. About half way through that process was when the idea of selling to Disney came up… It’s nice because he’s happiest when he’s writing and doing something with his time.”


“I knew that he was very torn on the matter, he was like a kid who had turned 18 and was ready to leave the house. Every parent has wanted to let their children go, but they want to hold on to you.”

Jett had more to add on Lucas’ ongoing involvement in the project, which includes “constantly” speaking to Star Wars director J.J. Abrams:

Asked if Lucas was keeping a watchful eye over what happens next with Star Wars, he replied: “Yeah, as any parent watching their kid going to college would. He’s constantly talking to J.J. [Abrams, director of Episode VII]. Obviously J.J. was handpicked. He [Lucas] is there to guide, whenever, he’ll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation.”

Lastly, Jett made sure to boast that he’s “in the know” on what happens in Star Wars VII, responding to a question asking what he’d like to see in the new trilogy with:

“I already know what happens. I’m happy with what’s going to happen.”

Don’t read too far into the comments just yet. While Jett Lucas is George Lucas’ son, and the interview is authentic, it’s entirely likely that things are still too early in production to know just how involved Lucas truly will be. Maybe his year of work will be included… and maybe it won’t.

Here’s the full interview:

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