Matt Smith officially done as the Doctor, as the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special filming wraps


day-of-the-doctor-christmas-special-wrapsWe go from great news — with the discovery and impending release of two new lost-but-found episodes of classic Doctor Who — to news that Matt Smith is finally done as the Doctor.

Tweets from the set of Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special reveal that the cast and crew wrapped on filming for the special, marking Smith’s last day playing the eleventh Doctor.

The Christmas Special, which is an annual episode outside of the normal Doctor Who seasons, will be the last we will see of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor. Peter Capaldi was recently announced as the actor chosen to play the Doctor’s twelfth reincarnation.

Matt Smith was recently photographed on set filming for the Christmas Special:

matt-smith-doctor-who-christmas-special-filmingThe Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, will air before the Christmas Special and will feature Matt Smith, David Tennant, and a new and evil incarnation Doctor played by John Hurt. This episode will air around the world on November 23rd, 2013, a month ahead of Matt Smith’s final episode, which will air on Christmas day, 2013.


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