Why SHIELD might pave the way for Star Wars


Now that SHIELD‘s gotten off the ground with tremendous success, some people are wondering what this means for TV in general…and Star Wars in particular. Only two episodes in, the parallels between this show and the Expanded Universe novels are striking. In many ways, SHIELD is taking the same leap of faith that Heir to the Empire did over 2o years ago. So it’s not surprising that the rumors have begun.

clone-wars-10According to Blue Sky Disney, the success of SHIELD may lead Disney (who owns both properties) to consider what has seemed impossible for years: a live action Star Wars television show. Of course, you also need to factor the huge success of the animated Clone Wars series into such a decision as well. It proved that Star Wars could exist on TV period. Yes, using huge movie characters like Anakin and Obi Wan almost required the series to be animated, but that’s where SHIELD starts to factor in.

Phil_Coulson_AVENGERSFor years, Star Wars fans pondering the idea of seeing their favorite franchise on TV recognized two things. First, to tie into continuity well, the show would have to share something with the movies whether it be locations or characters. Secondly, using any major character made such a show impractical. The solution? Picking a character who gets enough face time to get noticed, but isn’t as major as the main cast and give them a spin off. Like SHIELD did with Coulson. For years the fan favorite for this idea was Wedge Antilles. In the books he’s given command of an elite f250px-WedgeHelmetless-ROTJHDighter squadron and while he mostly works as a remote commander and the focus is on the group of X-wing fighters, his presence anchors the story in the Star Wars universe.

At this point, the original actor is probably too old for an actual X-wing show. And that’s probably too similar to SHIELD anyway. But the general idea of taking a minor character and spinning off has now been proven. So while I wouldn’t expect any real confirmation of a live action show until after at least Episode VII releases, I would say this rumor seems a lot more likely than some of the others floating around. I can even see Disney going out of their way to insert a strong secondary character into the movies to keep this possibility open.


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