Weekend Web: Tim Burton’s ‘Avengers’, every scifi starship in one illustrated chart, Harry Potter’s mugshot, and more!


weekend webWelcome to the Weekend Web, a weekly editorial from Lytherus aiming to provide you with your weekend installment of cool links, videos, and images collected over the past week from the internet!

This week is a fun one: from every scifi film/television starship in one infographic to every Game of Thrones character broken down and ranked by screen time, we’ve got it all!

Every scifi starship ever… in one comparison chart!

Imagine every scifi starship from television and film together in one chart. A bit tough, yeah? Well, one adventurous scifi fan did just that — and unleashed it on the world:


Four never-before-seen posters for Watchmen released after years in hiding

Watchmen was released in 2009, but these previously-unreleased film posters couldn’t wait to see the light of day!

watchmen-1-2 watchmen-3-4

Ever wonder what the young and old Magnetos and Charles Xaviers would look like morphed together?

The new X-Men film is set to feature two Magnetos and two Charles Xaviers… which may cause some confusion! Between our favorite actors from the first films — Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart — as well as their younger counterparts, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, from the newer X-Men films… well, we’re excited.

So were some fans who decided to morph the actors together to see what they’d look like “as one”:

Kinda creepy, right?

Every Game of Thrones character’s ranked by screentime… in one grand infograph!

Buzzfeed decided to rank every Game of Thrones character by their screentime, lumping every character’s photo — by rank — into one big infographic. The result? Pretty epic!

You may not be terribly surprised with the top results, but it’s a bit funny to see Hodor getting more screentime than some of the series’ coolest characters:


Banned books make readers sad… and characters, too! Check out these banned book mugshots!

It’s 2013… and banned books are still a thing? We’re sad to say we aren’t surprised, but that doesn’t make it okay! Buzzfeed recently compiled a list of five of the most popular banned books and illustrated their main character’s mugshot. The number one most banned book/series? Harry Potter. Yeah, we aren’t kidding!

Harry may not have been arrested in the books, but those looking to stifle free speech and impact kids’ ability to read and enjoy books has put Harry “in jail”. Check out his mugshot:

enhanced-buzz-17748-1380300822-23You can view the rest of the banned books character mugshots on Buzzfeed.

Tim Burton’s “The Avengers”

Tim Burton loves to leave his creepy-but-unique touch on every film he can get his hands on… so what if he directed a Marvel film? Well, one fan artist illustrated the Avengers as if Tim Burton had directed the film… and the result is pretty awesome:


That’s it for this week’s Weekend Web! Check back on Lytherus on Sunday for “Last Week on Lytherus,” our summary of the biggest posts and reviews of the past week, and next Saturday for the next installment of “Weekend Web”!


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