Careful! Copies of ‘Allegiant’ are loose and looking to spoil you


allegiant-book-cover-high-resWell, the book’s out of the box now! Thanks to a shipping error, some fans of Veronica Roth’s trilogy received their copy of the final book a month early. Much reminiscent of the mix up with the Doctor Who final earlier this year, everyone is begging those readers to keep silent and not turn to the internet to spoil the book. Veronica addressed the issue on her site:

If you are one of the people who received Allegiant early: I would love it if you wanted to wait to read it until October 22nd alongside your fellow Initiates. However, I can’t blame you if that’s just not going to work for you. I do ask, no matter what you decide, that out of kindness and respect for your fellow Divergent readers and their reading experiences, you do not post spoilers or quotes anywhere. I know I can count on you to preserve the mystery with me– I may be biased, but I think I have the best readers ever.

It’s kind of funny after living through all the secrecy surrounding the final Harry Potter to see two big series finales leak early through computer errors. But just like with all media, the spoilers are probably out there if you want them. If you don’t, hunker down and proceed with caution. As much as I’d love to see people respect the author’s wishes, it seems pretty likely that we’ll see at least some tidbits making the rounds.

For the rest of us, the book will be out in a month on October 22nd.


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