Next year’s reading list is starting to take shape with three new cover reveals


Here this last week several covers have been revealed for upcoming series books. I always look forward to these because they generally set the tone for the book, and they add a level of concreteness to the upcoming release. Titles and release dates help of course, but getting a peek at what will be in your hands in a few months just really drives home the reality of it.

First up we have Half-Off Ragnarock! The third book of Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series shifts to another member of the family, Alex Price.


Next is Patricia Briggs’ newest Mercy book, Night Broken. Everyone’s favorite coyote shapeshifter is back…with a bedroll and a spear? Most mysterious.

night broken_front mech.indd

And shifting away from urban fantasy, here’s the cover for Karen Lord’s newest book, The Galaxy Game. More spin off than sequel, it’s set in the same world as The Best of All Possible Worlds which was one of my favorite reads this year.


All three of these books are due out in March 2014, so there’s a least one month of really good reading!


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