‘Arrow’ casts Grant Gustin as the Flash


After confirming that Flash/Barry Allen would be making an appearance in the second season of Arrow, The CW has now announced who will be playing him. Grant Gustin, known for his roles on Glee and 90210, will be playing the famous comic book character.

Flash is confirmed to be on three episodes: the 8th, 9th, and 20th. This later episode might be a pilot for a spin-off series centering on his character, depending on ratings and how the character is received. Arrow‘s creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg would also be directing this potential series.

We’ll met the character as “an ordinary man, a forensic scientist”, similar to Oliver Queen’s (Steve Amell) own story. He’s aiding the police in a series of mysterious robberies that might have a connection to his past. He’s also a comic book fan and a little obsessed with the Hood. Interestingly, he will end up working with Oliver and Felicity without knowing about their “second job”.

Andrew Kreisberg added:

“Part of the fun for the audience … is to see how we view our Arrow take on the Flash legacy. Some of it will feel very familiar to DC Comics, some of it hopefully will feel different, fresh and exciting. The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we’re approaching Barry (…) There will be extraordinary events in the world and the characters will react in the same way.”

It will be interesting to see how they will approach Flash’s superpowers, seeing as the TV show is very grounded on reality. But it has been said that Barry Allen does indeed have super speed, but it will be introduced in a way that is not commonplace.

Colton Hayes, who plays Roy Harper in the series, has also confirmed this casting news. Arrow‘s season two will premiere October 9.


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