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With the second season of The Legend of Korra right around the Korra — er, corner, there is definitely excitement in the air. The last season ended around a year ago, and it’s very likely that most of us have put the show on the back burner. Can’t remember exactly what happened in the first season and looking for a refresher before the second season? No problem. I’ve got ten of my favourite scenes from the first season. Here they are.

(Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead! And these moments aren’t ranked properly — a few of them are fighting for the same position, because we think they’re all equally amazing.)

10. Airbending


Finally! She did it. This sure was one bad ass moment — a high point for the series. For the entire first book, we waited for when Korra unlocked her Airbending ability… and when she did, she kicked Amon’s ass! Temporarily. This should arguably be higher up on the list, but we felt it was one of the more predictive moments, so it got knocked down a bit. We’re sure this caused many fans to pump their fists in front of their monitors.

9. I’m Watching You


Korra, you lovely sassy lady. Apart from the humour of this moment, did anyone else notice that Beifong has 6 fingers? We only noticed after countless GIFs of this scene, but Bryan Konietzko (the show’s co-creator) mentioned it at one point — and how embarrassed he was about it. I find this just absolutely precious, comical and perfect. Konietzko himself modeled the moment as Korra and one of his staff members as Lin in order to show the animators exactly how he wanted this moment to be played out.

8. Asami Sato vs. Hiroshi Sato


Asami Sato was thus proven not to be a spineless spoiled little girl! She stood up against her own father for her own beliefs and morals; surely not an easy thing to do. Many fans had their reservations about Asami prior to this (suspicions as to whether or not she was an Equalist), but this scene finally and definitively proved them wrong. (We’ll admit that we were one of those fans at one point. Sorry Asami, I love you!)

7. The Kiss


Korra, Mako. Mako, Korra. It happened! This scene was unfortunately included in one of Nickelodeon’s preview clips but cut off after a day or two.  Makorra shippers pined for this moment desperately — and when it happened? Explosions. But don’t forget poor Bolin, who bawled his eyes out at the sight of this. Definitely an “Oh my god!” moment.

6. Not Her Bending!


This is one of the few battles between two master benders in the entirety of The Legend of Korra, and it sure was flashy and satisfying. Pow, pow, pow! This was an amazing action sequence that had us biting our nails and covering our mouths. We got to see two full-fledged benders engaged in combat, exchanging some some really impressive moves, and at the end of this scene, we get to see something incredibly plot-changing. (However, the showdown between Azula and Zuko overshadows this by a lot. Ahh… the memories.)

4. Beifong’s Sacrifice


This was one of the most emotional scenes of the show for us. It had us bawling when Amon took away her bending. Why? Why?!? There’s not much to say about this. The one person who had such amazing, kick-ass, and reliable bending was stripped of her powers. And we all knew Beifong held negative feelings towards Tenzin, and possibly even his family. But here, she realizes that she has to put those feelings behind her and makes the decision to sacrifice herself to save his family.

3. Tarrlok’s Story


Wow. We had lots of hints that Yakone was involved with Amon, but I personally had no clue that Tarrlok was involved too! I thought he was just an annoying little bugger who just had to stick his nose in the Avatar’s business…

2. The Boat


Following up from the last point, this is a resolution to Tarrlok’s story. A resolution to Yakone’s story, and Amon’s story as well. It’s a moment that brings a lot of questions up and is in a strange way open-ended, even though it is such a concrete resolution, too.

1. Energybend


After Korra’s bending was taken away, we were all devastated. How would she get it back? How would Lin get her bending back? This beautiful ending brought tears to our eyes, and we’re sure it brought tears to yours too. This easily took the number one spot.


Don’t forget that The Legend of Korra: Book Two premieres Friday night on Nickelodeon!


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