‘The Walking Dead’ season four promotional art shows they might be leaving the prison


AMC has just released this new poster for season 4 of The Walking Dead, and it tells us a bit more about what might happen in the future of the series.

With the previews and behind the scenes videos we have seen how the group seems to settle down a bit and even grow a self sustaining community inside the prison. They have more people to help protect the place and keep everything under control, but this poster shows us a very different image.

The fence is destroyed to a point almost beyond repair, which leads us to believe that things are going to go sour very quick, and very fast. That and Rick’s bandaged hand might mean that the group will have to go on the move again, seeing as safety never is a sure thing in a world full of zombies. Does this mean most of Woodbury’s survivors are going to perish, or get separated from the main group? Either way, something will have to happen to keep the main group of characters to a more controlled number.

This is what we know so far about season 4:

Kirkman has said: “There’s some really, really cool and big stuff that people have been expecting, or that people have been anticipating from the comics, that will work into Season 4. To give a hint, I will say that we do have Tyreese and Rick, who are now united, which is a big moment for the comic book fans. There’s a lot of story that comes from those two guys being on the same side. We’ll possibly see a bit of that in Season 4.

“It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. We’ll see a very different Rick Grimes for one. His experiences against the Governor and with the various things that happened to him in season three are informing his character in huge ways. We’ll see a lot of familiar elements from season three: we’ll see the prison, Rick and his group are still in the same place but those elements are all going to be radically different. I can’t really get into it but season four is going to be extremely different than season three in some very startling and cool ways.

This is the moment where Rick takes a turn; he’s no longer going to be pushing people away, he’s no longer going to be doing what ever he can to protect these people in ways that hurt other people. He’s not going to be the guy who would leave that guy on the side of the road — the backpack guy in Episode 12. He’s letting the people of Woodbury in and trying to tell Carl that these people are like us, you have to be open to this and the only way to survive in this world is to have people and be in a community. That’s going to be a big part of season four.”

The Walking Dead will be back on October 13.


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