Release date for Microsoft’s Xbox One finally arrives!


xbox-one-release-dateMicrosoft is finally ready to announce a release date for its Xbox One, the next generation console from Microsoft and follow-up to the Xbox 360!

Xbox One will hit store shelves in thirteen different markets, including North America, Europe, Australia New Zealand, and Italy, on November 22nd, 2013! Microsoft also announced that they’ve expanded production of the Xbox One to allow for additional pre-orders, which had been sold out until today.

Rather than release an official press release, Microsoft filmed a video to announce that Xbox One finally went into production today, and with that, they’re able to finally reveal a launch date. Check out their video:

The announcement comes nearly two weeks after Sony announced a release date for Playstation 4 during Gamescom. The PlayStation 4 will beat the Xbox One to sale by over a week in North America, as its set to release on November 15th, 2013. However, Xbox One will release in many other markets ahead of the PlayStation 4, which will launch in Europe on November 29th, with no date available for an Australian or Japanese release.

We recently reported on the full line-up of launch games for the Xbox One and PlayStation4 — you don’t want to miss those lists!

The Xbox One will hit stores on November 22nd, and the PS4 will hit stores on November 15th and November 29th!


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