Doctor Who will begin filming its Christmas Special in September, as revealed by an official BBC photo


doctor-whoIt was revealed today that the cast and crew of Doctor Who will begin filming the Christmas Special, the final episode for Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor, on September 8th! This news means that Steven Moffat’s script for the sure-to-be dramatic exit of actor Matt Smith is now complete.

The BBC, through the Doctor Who Official Twitter account, revealed a photo of Matt Smith, sans his signature long and floppy hair, holding up the final script for the Christmas Special:

The BBC also commented on Smith being back for today’s script read-through, stating:

Matt was in brilliant form at the read through for this year’s Christmas Special, written by Steven Moffat. In fact, seeing him back in action as the Doctor made us want to fast forward to November to see the eagerly awaited 50th anniversary special!

Matt Smith announced that he would be leaving Doctor Who at the end of 2013 to embark on new projects. The BBC quickly announced a successor, Peter Capaldi, who will reprise the role of the Doctor following Matt’s departure.

Yesterday we revealed that the Cybermen, a group of evil robotic aliens and long time nemeses of the Doctor, will be returning for the Christmas Special, although the extent of their role has yet to be confirmed.

The 50th Anniversary Special, which will pit the Doctor against an evil incarnation of himself and see the return of both David Tennant as the tenth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, the tenth Doctor’s beloved companion, is set to air at the end of November. Doctor Who will return for its final episode before fall 2014 in its Christmas Special, set to air on Christmas day!


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