‘Halo 5’ logo spotted in the Xbox One trailer – possible story revealed



If you have an Xbox, then you know the unofficial mascot of the Microsoft console is Master Chief himself from the Halo franchise.  Halo assisted in transforming the new-gen landscape of first-person shooters on consoles when Halo: Combat Evolved was introduced in 2001.  Over a decade later, the series continues to be one of the most popular shooters in history.

With the Xbox One coming out, Microsoft is starting to hint at and reveal their big plans for Master Chief – hoping that he will continue to be one of the “faces of Xbox.”  If you remember from E3, 343 Industries showcased a very small teaser trailer during their Xbox Media Briefing and it featured a hooded Master Chief coming face to face with what appeared to be a giant Promethean avatar.  First assumptions that this was a cinematic trailer for Halo 5, but that was before Microsoft said it was a “thought piece” for the series.  Now, another twist in this story is thrown at us and that the trailer shown at E3 could still be for the aforementioned Halo 5.

Axis Animation, the creators of the trailer, posted the Xbox One cinematic tease to their Facebook earlier today, with only one key difference – at the end of the trailer, the title card can read ‘Halo 5.’

Check it out here:

With a very, very vague trailer it leaves fans to wonder what the game will actually be about.  In Halo 4, 343 managed to create a more personal story between Chief and his lovely AI assistant, Cortana and it left everyone wondering where the story will go next.  It is possible that we might have our first indication – Destructoid pointed out that the description on Microsoft’s own store reads:

In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

Mircosoft has since denied this description as “completely inaccurate and not provided by 343 or Microsoft.”

With all the speculations aside, Halo will be available on the Xbox One in 2014.


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