Get in the mood for your Fall 2013 shows with “spoilers” for ‘Arrow’, ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘The Walking Dead’, and more!


fall-2013-tv-show-spoilersThe Fall 2013 TV season is about to hit, and that means lots of shows are ramping up promotion! We’re starting to see new details come in for some of our favorite fall shows, and with details come fun spoilers! We have new information on Arrow, Grim, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Revolution, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead!

Thanks to TVLine, we have a preview of not only what viewers should expect from the upcoming season, but additional “spoilers” for each show:


What’s coming? Having had enough of the “vigilante” label, Oliver decides “he needs to be a symbol of hope for people — and part of that means adopting the moniker of Arrow,” says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. On the crimefighting front, Ollie will have his hands full with a DC-rich rogues gallery, while in salvaging the tainted Queen Consolidated, he’ll find a nemesis in Isabel Rochev (Firefly‘s Summer Glau). “Their scenes have a lot of fun banter,” raves Kreisberg, mum on whether they’ll partner in, ahem, other ways. Elsewhere: Felicity continues to be adorkably “uncomfortable in dicey situations”, Roy scores a game-changing face-to-hood with Oliver’s alter ego and someone else’s debut as Black Canary actually marks “one step in a larger journey” for Laurel.

Spoilers! Not only will the infamous Suicide Squad make itself known with the Episode 2 introduction of Bronze Tiger (Spawn’s Michael Jai White), but boss lady Amanda Waller herself will surface in the Diggle-centric Episode 6, “Keep Your Enemies Closer.” Kreisberg says of the yet-to-be-cast character, who has previously been brought to life by the likes of Angela Bassett, CCH Pounder and Pam Grier, “We’re excited to introduce yet another version that will hopefully stand up to the previous ones.“


What’s coming? The two-part Season 3 opener finds a zombified Nick as cargo on a plane bound for Europe — but “whether it lands or not is another issue,” teases series co-creator David Greenwalt. Expect the beleaguered hero to engage in some terrible acts while he’s one of the walking dead – and then, once recovered, to be tortured by the knowledge of what he’s done. “There will be physical, emotional and moral residual effects,” says co-creator James Kouf. “He’s really not the same person that you had in the first two seasons.” Bummer. How about we end on some happy news? Rosalee and Monroe are getting married! (Maybe.) “Nobody knows for sure yet. So many things can get in the way,” Kouf teases. Oh, well we can always rely on Wu for comedic relief, right? Not necessarily; the show bosses say that upon learning of the Wesen world, the sarcastic sergeant will have a “rougher road” to acceptance than did Hank. “It’s more of a breakdown road,” Greenwalt jokes.

Spoilers! Per Geenwalt, this season will include “dangerous, sexy mermaids,” a vengeful Wesen, an exorcism episode and the appearance of Meisner, a shadowy figure who before now has only been alluded as being somehow involved with the royals. “But we’re going to actually see him in Season 3,” Kouf promises.

Once Upon a Time

What’s coming? Being a realm where you never grow up, “We feel like Neverland makes people confront their pasts,” says cocreator Eddy Kitsis. “Plus, it’s like a jungle, so it’s magical yet at the same time dark and sexy.” Just be wary of he who lords over the place. As cocreator Adam Horowitz notes, “If The Dark One is afraid of someone, you should probably listen to him!” Our intrepid travelers will have to deal with one another as well. “They all have this baggage and history that we’ve built up over two seasons, and you see it all come out,” Kitsis says. (Meanwhile on the romantic front, “The feelings between some of these characters will be hard to deny.”) Back in Storybrooke, Belle’s role in the larger arc “becomes clear early on and is something we’re really excited to reveal,” says Horowitz, while Neal “has a big problem,” injured and stranded as he is in Fairytale Land. Asks Kitsis: “How is he going to get back?”

Spoilers! NBC’s Revolution lent Giancarlo Esposito (aka The Magic Mirror) back to Once, but to what end? Says Horowitz, “If the Evil Queen is going to find out that a sleeping curse [on Snow White]was broken, who better to deliver the news?”

Person of Interest

What’s coming? The physical location of the MIA Machine “is not of paramount importance” as Season 3 gets underway, says exec producer Greg Plageman. Instead, he says you should ask, “What is it up to? What sort of organism is it becoming? And is it expanding beyond the parameters of what even Finch designed?” That said, Hersh’s unseen lady boss (who goes by the code name Control and could be revealed by November sweeps) “is very interested in what happened to the Machine, and considers Root (new series regular Amy Acker) instrumental in perhaps finding it.” On the good guys’ side, Shaw (Sarah Shahi, also now a series regular) is still “disillusioned” by her government’s betrayal and thus “isn’t giving her allegiance to anyone right now,” but will “help us out when she feels like it.”

Spoilers! Plageman promises “fantastic material” ahead for Taraji P. Henson’s compromised Detective Carter, who is now “out there on the wing a bit, trying to figure out her next move.” As she does so, watch for some backstory reveals that explore “what happened in her personal past, and how she wound up where she is today.”


What’s coming? Things aren’t looking so good for Charlie & Co.: It’s three months later and two major cities have been destroyed, the power is out again and the pendants aren’t working. As a result of all that destruction, the Matheson clan is “fractured,” says creator Eric Kripke. “Charlie splits up from the family” — and gets tangled up with bounty hunter Adam (played by Gossip Girl‘s Patrick Heusinger) — while “Rachel has a complete and total nervous breakdown. We pick up with Season 2 and Rachel is just coming out of what was a very serious, occasionally catatonic state, and is fragile as she has to face this new threat.” That new Big Bad would be The Patriots, “an insidious conspiracy of people who are draping themselves in the American flag, but they are not America.” Neville and Jason will meet one of their members, Secretary Allenford (Soul Food‘s Nicole Ari Parker), when they travel to the East Coast to find Julia Neville and witness the nuclear missile devastation firsthand. Monroe, meanwhile, is “indulging in women and alcohol, trying to drink and screw away the pain,” previews Kripke. “He’s in a much grungier, grimier place, as are all our characters. We really tried to take ‘the Noxzema clean’ out of the show this year.”

Spoilers! Look for Aaron to fall for Rubicon alumna Jessica Collins’ “devoutly religious” Texas resident.


What’s coming? No surprise here: Sam survives. But why he does is a secret that the elder Winchester will hold on to — and one which may cause a rift between the brothers. “You’re going to find Dean, in the beginning of this season, in a slightly different position, one where it’s his decision driving great importance and weight on their relationship,” previews executive producer Jeremy Carver. “It’s a heavy weight to bear, and it has a great effect on their relationship.” There’s also angel mayhem on Earth for the brothers to contend with, including “a lot of players for the throne of who’s going to rise to the fore here,” including Battlestar Galactica alum Tahmoh Penikett’s injured warrior angel. Cas, meanwhile, is adjusting to life as a human by “eating, defecating and fornicating,” deadpans his portrayer Misha Collins. On the more quirky side, Felicia Day’s Charlie returns in Episode 4, which goes back in time to reveal “the first Men of Letters ever to occupy the bunker,” teases Carver. So what were they up to? You know, the usual — like “learning the truth behind the events that lead to The Wizard of Oz books. It’s a lot of fun and heartfelt.”

Spoilers! Penikett’s Ezekiel isn’t the only heavenly creature we’ll be meeting. “We’re really delving into the individual characters here, and we found really interesting, really neat angels,” says Carver. “Wherever we can dive into Biblical references, we do and then we turn that the way that we need. Some of the angels that we see…have deep roots in angel mythology.”

The Vampire Diaries

What’s coming? The new season picks up three months later, following a (relatively) quiet summer. But this is Mystic Falls, so peace doesn’t stand a chance, particularly with Silas posing as Stefan. “We’re going to explore this phenomenon of the doppelganger and how and why they exist in our mythology,” teases executive producer Caroline Dries, who also previews the arrival of a “legitimately Bigger Bad” down the road who is “scary and creates a new dynamic.” On the romance front, Elena and Damon’s honeymoon period could be disrupted by her friendship with a fellow college student (played by Melrose Place‘s Shaun Sipos), while Caroline remains focused on Tyler even as she connects with upperclassman Jesse (Greek‘s Kendrick Sampson). Speaking of Tyler: While the EP won’t reveal when the hybrid returns, she does promise it will be “in a very beautiful, appropriate moment” — and with “a little bit of attitude” about needing Klaus’ OK. Lastly, Bonnie and Jeremy experience some connectivity issues that not even AT&T MiFi can resolve. Explains Dries: “The external conflict is, ‘I can’t touch you,’ and the internal conflict is, ‘I actually have feelings for you, but I can’t talk to you about it.'”

Spoilers! Mystic Falls’ favorite busboy is getting a juicy storyline following his return from Europe. “[Matt is] not a peripheral character this season,” teases Dries. “He really has an interesting, intriguing storyline this year. We are introduced to it briefly in the season premiere.”

The Walking Dead

What’s coming? Carl’s disturbing behavior serves as a wake-up call for Rick in Season 4. “He repurposes himself towards raising Carl and Judith, and protecting them emotionally instead of physically,” explains exec producer Robert Kirkman. “He’s trying to make sure these kids don’t lose their humanity. That’s almost the central theme of the season.” Also serving as a role model of sorts for Carl will be Michonne. “That relationship is something of a focus for the entire season,” Kirkman reveals. “I wouldn’t say she’s a [mother figure]to him, but it’s a friendly relationship; they’re almost like peers.” Regarding the whereabouts of The Governor — who was conspicuously missing from the extended trailer that unspooled at Comic-Con in July — Kirkman promises that when the baddie eventually resurfaces, “He’s going to be a very different character.”

Spoilers! Don’t assume that Daryl and Carol’s slow-burn courtship will eventually give way to a great love affair. “There’s every chance that it’s actually a no-burn and these two people don’t get together,” Kirkman maintains. “Daryl and Carol are very different people. These are two very damaged individuals, and that leads them to connect in a very serious emotional way. But it still remains to be seen whether that’s actually going to spiral into a romance.”

Now we ask: Which show are you most excited for?

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