Will the Cybermen kill the Doctor? The villains are set to return in the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special!


doctor-who-christmas-special-cybermen“You will be deleted!” Our favorite villains are set to return in the Doctor Who Christmas Special… during which the Doctor is coincidentally forced to regenerate into number twelve. These villains have always been formidable foes for the Doctor, carrying a vengeance which has sent them across the universe in search of the Doctor and new worlds to conquer. Will they be the ones to finally off the eleventh Doctor?

A recent tweet from a loose-lipped stuntman working on the Doctor Who Christmas Special revealed that the Cybermen will return for the hugely-anticipated final episode for Matt Smith:

cybermen-christmas-2013-tweetDoctorWhoTV, who captured the above screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted, also reported another source confirming the return of the Cybermen:

Zygon creator Robert Banks Stewart did claim that the Cybermen were also in the 50th anniversary special, although that has yet to be confirmed.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will be the final episode for Matt Smith, who has played the Doctor for nearly three series. The Christmas Special will follow another special, the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who Special, which is set to air in November. Steven Moffat, the Doctor Who showrunner, has promised a very special episode to say farewell to Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor before ushering in Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor.

Will the Doctor finally be deleted?!

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will air on the BBC and BBC America on November 23rd, while the Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on Christmas day!


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