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uk-adult-cover-harry-potter-half-blood-prince When I think back on my childhood, one of the first things that comes to mind are the memories of reading my newest books to my collection of stuffed animals. Even as a child, I devoured books and nothing has changed now that I’m a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful children.  Back then, I was all about The Boxcar Children and The Polar Express. My kids show the same interest I had at their age, which sure makes this mama proud!

I enjoy a wide variety of shows, when I don’t have my nose buried in a book. I regularly watch shows like Ghost Hunters, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones. I find it easier to make time for television shows than going out to the movies. I catch up on movies with Netflix most days, when I can multi-task and not miss much. I also love a good real-life drama. More often than not, I have the Investigation Discovery channel on (my husband doesn’t get how I can watch so many crime shows in a row every day).

I often looked forward to reading the latest Inheritance news from Lytherus and Shur’tugal, and am very excited to be writing for them now. Besides The Boxcar Children, the series that really got me reading a lot was Harry Potter. I was in middle school when Sorcerer’s Stone came out, and my dad will tell you I could be found many nights on the couch in the living room, completely oblivious to everything around me as I became absorbed in the incredible world of Hogwarts (he had a habit of making jokes at my expense, only to get a confused look from me in response). I was in high school when Eragon came out, and a younger student I was tutoring showed me his copy. I hadn’t found anything decent to read in a long time, so I gave it a try. I couldn’t put it down!  Christopher Paolini and the world of Alagaesia really got me back into reading on a regular basis, which I am glad for because I have found so many incredible books since then, including the less recognized work by George R.R. Martin, Fevre Dream.

Many of my favorite movies are also science fiction; X-Men, Star Wars and Star Trek are some of the best, both the older ones and some of the newer ones. I grew up watching all the originals and eagerly awaited the releases of the newer ones when they were announced. I’m very much looking forward to the remaining Hunger Games movies. My favorite anime series would have to be both versions of Full Metal Alchemist and Fruits Basket. When not waiting for midnight premieres, I like to check out video games. My favorites are Starcraft, Warcraft, and Rift. I also play a lot of handheld games, like the Professor Layton series or Kingdom Hearts. I love the brain-teasing puzzles of Layton games, and the incredible storyline of Kingdom Hearts.

The thing I love the most though is sharing these passions with other people. I am constantly recommending new shows and books to my friends and family. I look forward to delving into the depths of these worlds, and many more, with all of you right there with me. I can’t wait to experience the myriad discussions we will share about our favorite books, shows, and the places they take us!


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