Vivian Chung joins Lytherus as our new anime and manga guru!


1071614_10201673799156270_1459992800_oWater. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.

As much as I’d like to save the world, I’m not the Avatar. Nor can I bend the elements. I’m just a young person and that’s pretty much all I have in common with Aang. But I do have my trusty pen and paper (more like my keyboard and Microsoft Word).

I have always loved things related to fantasy, romance, and the supernatural. These “things” were usually books. I used to fill up my mom’s old tacky Asian grocery-wheelie-things with books at the library. And today, I work at a bookstore to earn some pocket money and money towards my tuition. I’d love to tell you all the things I’ve accomplished in life but I haven’t really done much except for writing and studying.

And what am I here for? Oh yes. Of course! I’m the new anime/manga writer at Lytherus! I’ve been a longtime fan of Eragon and Paolini, which drew me to Lytherus. Horror, fantasy and supernatural feed my soul.

Inuyasha was the first anime I watched. Cardcaptor Sakura was the second. Naruto and Bleach dominated my free time for two years. I remember spending all my free weekends watching Naruto fillers and reading Bleach chapters in seventh grade. I’ve never been able to abandon Japanese culture since. (Funny enough, that picture up there of me was taken in Osaka, Japan.) J-Rock is high up on my most played list in iTunes. These days, I watch anime sparingly due to my tendency to become so obsessed with a particular show I often lose myself in the fandom. You might have known me as ma—ko on tumblr, giffing The Legend of Korra last year. Arguably, TLOK isn’t anime but I consider it an amazing cartoon anyways. Are you stoked for the second season? I most definitely am.

In my spare time, when I’m not writing fanfiction, studying for midterms, or spending time with my friends, you can find me micro-blogging my anger on Twitter, playing DoTA, playing piano or working.

Lastly, I’ll stick a disclaimer here that despite the quality of this article, I promise you I write things much more interesting than this. [Editor’s note: What was wrong with this article?!] I’m sure you understand the pain of being unable to write about yourself. I guess Aang and I share the trait of humbleness!

Call me if you ever need to save the world. Turns out I’m more like the Avatar than I thought. I’m excited to bring out new articles for you guys! See you next time!



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