New quote from ‘Divergent’ trilogy’s ‘Allegiant’ released by EW!


allegiant-veronica-rothEW has released a new quote from Veronic Roth’s upcoming novel Allegiant, the series wrap-up for the Divergent trilogy!

Divergent is currently being made into a film, with major buzz surrounding the recent release of the film’s first trailer. But the Divergent crew may have managed to one-up the buzz with this new quote! Although it’s brief, the excerpt has fans theorizing and pondering its meaning, and the intent behind releasing such a specific quote.

Aside from the quote itself, Entertainment Weekly was able to reveal that it is spoken by Tris in chapter seven of the upcoming book:

“We don’t know what’s happened out there since they put us in here, or how many generations have lived and died since they did. We could be the last people left.”

Here’s our take:

You generally can’t get a Dystopian novel without Something having happened to the world we live in. Generally, that Something is at least referenced right upfront, and we move forward with some small understanding of why things are so different. The Divergent series though has so far managed to withhold this information. A lot of huge questions are hanging over Allegiant, but none more so than this: where is the rest of humanity? And based on this glimpse of the third book, it looks like we aren’t the only one’s asking.

Our personal theory has always been that they are all part of a science/social experiment. It’s been hinted that the Divergents are exactly what whoever was in charge hoped would happen. This quote seems to suggest that our theory is wrong… except it’s attributed to Tris. It appears that she’s offering her personal theory without any more real facts that the rest of us have. But it’s still very exciting – and a great relief – to know that the book is addressing this question.

We’d love to hear your theories on the quote! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

Allegiant is set to hit bookshelves on October 22nd, 2013! Divergent, the film adaptation of Roth’s first novel of the same name, is currently in post-production with a release date of March 21, 2014!


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