‘Warcraft’ movie finally moving forward with a January 2014 filming date


warcraft-movie-blizzard-legendary-filmsThe Warcraft film has had a long journey from game to the big screen, with many bumps in the road setting it back nearly five years. Now, the Blizzard and Legendary Films project finally has a filming date: January, 2015!

The Blizzard and and Legendary film sat in limbo for years, bouncing between two directors and multiple screenplay re-writes. Sam Rami, of Spider-Man fame, originally signed on to the $200+ million project but dropped out in 2012 to pursue other projects. Now, with Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) directing and new writer Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) working on a screenplay, the film is finally headed for production! A concrete filming date means that we should begin to hear casting announcements and a possible early plot synopsis very soon.

ScreenRant is reporting that the film’s script will draw heavily from the first two games in the Warcraft franchise, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, rather than its hugely successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

Legendary Films has a modest track record of success with scifi and fantasy films, with even more on the back burner. Their recent release, Pacific Rim, did fairly well in the box office and fared even better with critics. Their next release, The Seventh Son, may show whether or not Legendary can sustain the momentum. With other films in development, including Mass Effect and Godzilla, we hope that the team assembled at the studios can do justice to the long-awaited Warcraft film. We can also trust in Blizzard, notorious for their “when it’s ready” and “nothing but the best” attitude, to release a polished product that will please their fans and gain new ones.

One thing’s for certain: we hope that Blizzard’s brilliant and incredibly talented cinematics team will be on board to help with early animatics and possibly even some CGI:


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