Go behind the scenes of ‘Divergent’ to see tons of new footage in this brand new featurette


divergent-featuretteIt hasn’t even been a week since the first official Divergent trailer hit the web after the VMAs and we’re already getting new film and behind the scenes footage courtesy of a new “Divergent: Factions” featurette released by Lionsgate.

The video, which is narrated by author Veronica Roth and features interviews with the film’s cast discussing the factions in the movie and how they play a major role on the scifi world. We also get a glimpse at many behind-the-scenes moments, including Tris’ leap from a building (cables and all) and many faction-based scenes. We’re also given a look at the stunning tattoos on Tris, Four, and Eric. The actors make a point to state that the film feels incredibly loyal to Roth’s books.

For those of you unfamiliar with Divergent, based on the hit book series by Veronica Roth, here’s a plot synopsis:

Set in a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five factions that each represent a different virtue, teenagers have to decide if they want to stay in their faction or switch to another – for the rest of their lives. Tris Prior makes a choice that surprises everyone. Then Tris and her fellow faction-members have to live through a highly competitive initiation process to live out the choice they have made. They must undergo extreme physical and intense psychological tests, that transform them all. But Tris has a secret that she is Divergent, which means she doesn’t fit into any one group. If anyone knew, it would mean a certain death. As she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, this secret might help her save the people she loves… or it might destroy her.

Divergent is set to hit theaters on March 21st, 2014!

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