New ‘Borderlands 2’ DLC coming out next week – level cap being raised to 72



Gearbox has announced their upcoming DLC – the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, which will raise the level cap to 72.  The DLC will be coming out next week, September 3rd to be exact.

Already confirmed by Gearbox, the pack will be available for $5.00 and also include the Digistruct Peak Challenge, which will offer an hour-long mission as well as an opportunity to fight a wide variety of different Borderlands 2 enemies.

Players will also be able to set the Digistruct Peak to various “Overpower” levels, which affect both enemy levels and loot dropped.  It should go without saying, but the higher the Overpower level the harder the enemies and the better the loot.  Overpower levels can be set anywhere from 1-8, which essentially means you can get level 80 gear that is usable at level 72.  According to Gearbox, the Overpower system is meant to allow players to enjoy the game at a higher level but keeping them from maximizing every skill tree.

The Digistruct Peak Challenge will be playable next week, but players should also be looking forward to the three “Headhunter” DLC packs coming before the end of the year.  Also as Gearbox previously mentioned, these will be themed packs that offer new missions an boss fights.  For example, the first pack is titled TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest and will offer a fight with the Pumpkin Kingpin and is due to release on Halloween.  Two more packs will follow shortly after.


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