New superhero flick, ‘Split’, in development at CBS films


cbs-films-split-superhero-filmMove over, Marvel and DC: CBS is entering the superhero film arena! It was announced today that CBS Films has acquired a superhero flick named Split, written by horror writers Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch, best known for their writing and directing work on Night of the DemonsĀ and Fertile Ground. The story was developed together with CBS execs before going to pen and paper.

A brief synopsis for the film has been released, revealing that the film will revolve around two twins with superhuman abilities:

The story centers on a young woman who, having spent most of her life bouncing between foster homes and institutions, is surprised when she is sought out by an identical twin she never knew existed. She also discovers that she and her sister have powerful abilities and must go on the run to keep their secrets hidden from threatening mysterious forces.

Those looking for more work by Anderson and Gierasch should check out Schism, written by both and directed by Gierasch.

With Split this early in development, no release date has been set. Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch will continue working on the script while the project will be overseen by Ryan Conroy of CBS Films.

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