At least six new IP titles are in development for next gen consoles at EA


titanfall-ea-new-IPs-next-gen-consolesEA is finally speaking on some of their unannounced next-gen titles, including new IPs, as well as their plan for establishing themselves on the new system before pushing new ideas and play styles. EA is choosing to release follow-ups to their already established IPs, such as Battlefield and FIFA, to encourage gamers to move to the pricey new next-gen consoles. They’ve also announced new IPs as well, such as Titanfall.

“We have a broader portfolio, we’ve got a sports business, we’ve got Need For Speed, so we have more to bring over in terms of existing and healthy and growing franchises, and so we want to add a little bit more there.”

But in a recent interview, the mega-publisher revealed that once their existing IPs and Titanfall establish a foothold in the new generation of consoles, they’ll be releasing several brand new IPs. Here’s the problem: in EA’s odd world, sequels to games can apparently be new IPs:

“If you look at a game like Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s a sequel yeah but we’re treating it as a new IP with a new approach. We’re reinventing it.”

This means that three of the six “new” IPs announced by EA are actually sequels to old games or additions to already-established franchises, such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Mirror’s Edge 2:

“We’ve announced a couple of them, Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront, but we’ve also added some as well. The last time I spoke about this we hadn’t done the Star Wars deal, so there are those games too.”

The truth to the statement, then, is: we’ll be seeing at least three entirely new IPs from EA after the next-gen consoles hit the market, in addition to Titanfall and the already announced titles from above.

Let’s hope these new IPs are actually new IPs and not a part of EA’s new definition for “new IPs”.


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