See four new scenes from ‘The Avengers’, including an alternate ending, thanks to released official animated videos


marvel-cinematic-universe-the-marvel-experienceFour new Avengers animatics have been released by Fedrico D’Alessandro, a storyboard artist working on the film. The animated videos reveal four entirely new scenes from the film, mostly all of which involve Tony Stark or Iron Man. In one, we’re introduced to a new villain who never made it into the film (although we may see him down the line).

The first video introduces us to a new and unused limbless villain. When it comes time to battle, the villain inserts the stubs of his arms and legs into arm and leg mechanics similar to those seen on the Iron Man suit, enabling him to fight and function similarly to Iron Man. The scene opens with Tony Stark rescuing a number of people from an army patrol in the middle of a jungle. After being fired upon but eliminating the enemy, he’s attacked by the new villain, who puts up quite a fight. In the end, Iron Man is able to beat out his new enemy.

The second video features another alternative introduction for Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit as he pursues Loki, who has just escaped with the cube. Stark follows the villain into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s quickly crumbling underground headquarters. After Iron Man is able to catch up with Loki, who is attempting to escape with the cube via an underground train, a fight breaks out and Hawkeye, then brainwashed by Loki, is able to temporarily disable the Iron Man suit.

The third video shows an alternative version of the showdown between Tony Stark and Loki at Stark Tower toward the end of the film. In this version, Stark pretends to fall under the power of Loki’s brainwashing, but he doesn’t keep the God of Mischief fooled for long.

The final video shows a slightly altered ending to the scene following the gateway’s opening, revealing Chitauri’s army in outer space.

What do you think of these alternate scenes? Would you have liked to see any of them in the actual film?


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