Last Week on Lytherus: Legend of Korra news and web episodes, Affleck as Batman, new YA from Rowling, Divergent movie trailer, and more!


last week on lytherus postLast Week on Lytherus is our weekly wrap-up column summarizing the biggest news of the past week! With over a dozen posts going up on Lytherus per day, it’s likely you may have missed an important story or two!

This week was a huge week for the fantasy, scifi, and horror genres, with Marvel absolutely dominating the news, between S.H.I.E.L.D. updates and Kevin Feige’s loose lips constantly spilling new Marvel Cinematic Universe details. However, DC may have got the upper hand this week, shocking the entire internet by announcing to the world that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Superman vs. Batman.

Legend of Korra took the top viewed spot on Lytherus this week with two new articles, both detailing plot information, releases dates and more, as well as a look at a new Korra web series which jsut wrapped up. In book news, J.K. Rowling may be writing a young adult Doctor Who short story, and Avatar director James Cameron officially hired Jumper author Steven Gould to write four books set within the Avatar universe.

Let’s dive right in to the full break down of this week’s biggest and best fantasy, scifi, and horror news and content:


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