Final ‘Legend of Korra’ digital series episode released, conclusing ‘Republic City Hustle’ storyline


republic-city-hustleEarlier this week we brought you our “Catching up on Korra” editorial, summarizing all of the news you may have missed over the past several weeks, including the launch of a series of web-only Korra side story episodes! The series, Republic City Hustle, we follow Mako and Bolin in their younger years as they try to survive life in Republic City. Episode two revealed how Bolin came to partner up with Pabu, his pet fireferret. The third and final episode was released today, which you can now watch:

The third episode concludes the Republic City Hustle origins story, just ahead of the September release of Book Two of Legend of Korra.

Legend of Korra, Book Two will take place six months after the events of Book One. The second season will split itself between Republic City and other areas of the world, including the South Pole, home of the Southern Water Tribe, and will focus on the Spirit World. The creators have also promise to explore the history of the Avatar, their lineage, and mythology. We will be introduced to two new children of Aang’s, Kya and Bumi, as well as additional new characters.

Legend of Korra, Book Two: Spirits will premiere on Nickelodeon on September 13th at 7PM!


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