Celebrate COSPLAY DAY with our exclusive gallery of stunning San Diego Comic Con 2013 costumes!


IMG_6857Today is International Cosplay Day, a day where thousands of cosplay enthusiasts come together to meet up at hundreds of meetups across the globe in costume, showing off their work, sharing tips, and getting ideas for their next costumes. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing our massive gallery of cosplay photos from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. SDCC is the largest pop culture convention in the world, happening annually in San Diego for more than seventy-five years. Some of the biggest and best cosplay costumes make their debut at Comic Con!

So, just what is cosplaying? Cosplay — which stands for costume play — is the act of wearing costumes and accessories to represent a specific character from pop culture. Cosplayers do more than dress up — cosplaying also means acting as the character you’re portraying, immersing yourself in their personality and world to become the character.

The photographer who took these stunning cosplay photos is Jamie Waylen of Waylen Photography, a fellow cosplayer who travels to multiple conventions per year in costume to professionally photograph other cosplayers. Her photos from dozens of conventions can be viewed on the official Waylen Photography Facebook page.

Now what are you waiting for? You don’t have to be a professional costume creator to enjoy cosplaying! Visit your local thrift store or craft stores for inspiration. Think of the characters you love. Approach it like it’s Halloween — on steroids! Hundreds of pop culture conventions are happening year round, all across the globe. Look up ones in your area that you can wear your costume to. And most importantly: do this for fun! Don’t be dissuaded by the costumes you see above — they take years or work and practice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there on your own!

Have fun, and happy International Cosplay Day!


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