We’re hiring talented and passionate bloggers, social media managers, and more!


lytherus-is-hiringWe’re excited to announce that Lytherus is currently looking to add skilled writers and avid fans of all things fantasy, scifi, and horror to our diverse and growing team of talented bloggers! If you feel as though your passion for the genres we cover and skills as a writer would provide a unique addition to the Lytherus team, please visit our “We’re hiring!” page for a full break down of position openings!

Our writing team is currently looking to fill the following positions: book news writer; book section, original content writer; movie news rockstar; movie section, original content writer; TV news writer; TV section, original content writer; anime news writer; anime section, original content writer; video game news writer; indie video game writer; video game section, original content writer.

These are unpaid positions, however Lytherus writers do enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks, including free advance preview content (early copies of books, comics, movies, etc.) as well as invitations to exclusive industry events (including conventions, premieres, launch parties, and more). In addition, our writers are regularly offered interview opportunities for key individuals throughout the industries we’re active in.

In addition to the above positions, we’re also in search of a social media manager, WordPress programmer, and copy editor/proofreader!

If you feel as though you’d make a good addition to our team in any of the above positions, please visit our “We’re hiring!” page for a full breakdown of positions, requirements, and expectations. We’d love to have you on the staff and hope that you consider applying!

Head over to our We’re hiring! page to learn more about these positions and to apply!


About Author

Mike Macauley is the founder and editor in chief of Lytherus.com. He also founded and runs Shurtugal.com, the official Inheritance Cycle community, and published his book, The Inheritance Almanac, in 2011. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.

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