Sony’s PlayStation 4 will release in North America on November 15th, Europe on November 29th


sony-playstation-4During today’s Gamescom presentation, Sony officially announced that they’ll be launching the PlayStation 4 on November 15th in North America and two weeks later on November 29th in Europe!

The Sony presentation was full of previews of their upcoming indie and AAA launch titles, including Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Infamous: Second Son, Rime, and a PS4 remake of Shadow of the Beast.

Speaking to the crowd right before the announcement, Sony CEO Andrew House announced that over one million PlayStation 4 units have been pre-ordered around the world. He also made another dig at Microsoft, chiding them for their backtracking on their controversial always-on and DRM policies.

This news comes after Microsoft revealed their full line-up of pre-launch and post-launch Xbox One games, including some impressive exclusives. Microsoft, however, did not provide an official release date for their console, still sticking to the “sometime before Holiday 2013” message they’ve been repeating since the console’s announcement event.

Still no official or final list of PS4 launch and post-launch titles, but we expect one to release during Gamescom. We’ll report it as soon as it hits!


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