Rumored “Christmas gift” release date for JJ Abrams’ first Star Wars film, Episode VII, making the rounds


star-wars-vii-jj-abrams-christmasDisney isn’t wasting any time releasing new films, especially if the latest round of Star Wars rumors prove to be true. Badass Digest is reporting that “multiple sources” are telling them that the new installment in the Star Wars franchise, now helmed by J.J. Abrams, will hit theaters in December 2015. Specifically, these sources have reported hearing mid-month, December 15th, as the official date. Here’s the direct quote:

“Multiple sources have told me that right now Disney and Lucasfilm have December circled on their calendars, with a mid-month release – the 15th – being most likely. That would take Star Wars out of the crowded summer and, more importantly, give JJ Abrams and company a couple more months to work on a movie that’s already running a tighter schedule than most of the other Star Wars films.”

If the release date is true, it means another film will be joining Disney’s already crowded line-up of 2015 films, which to date includes Ant-Man (Marvel), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel), Cinderella, Finding Dory (Pixar), Inside Out (Pixar), and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Releasing in mid-December would allow Disney to position the film as a major Christmas hit and avoid forced competition with the massive amount of anticipated summer 2015 hits. But it raises the question: Why was the CEO of Disney just last week stating that the film would release in summer 2015?

It’s a curious development considering¬† the lack of news coming from Disney regarding Star Wars. Last month, rumors swirled that J.J. Abrams would be leaving the project due to creative differences with Disney, although no announcements were ever made to support the rumors.

No casting decisions have been made thus far, and J.J. Abrams remains the only name attached to the project. We’ll keep you update as news continues to break!


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