New lengthy deleted scene from season three of ‘Game of Thrones’ released by HBO


game of thronesGame of Thrones has been off the air for several months now, but that isn’t stopping HBO from releasing new content from the series! The channel behind the fantasy mega-hit just released a new and lengthy deleted scene from the third season of the show as well as an impressive VFX reel displaying some of the visual effect techniques used to create some of the show’s most unique scenes.

In the deleted scene, Pycelle’s acting is finally called out by Tywin, who admits he’s always seen through the maester’s facade and is surprised anyone has ever believed it. Pycelle, in a moment of honesty and desperation to retain his position among the king’s council, admits that his act is an attempt to remain “in use”. His honesty paid off, as the Hand of the King decides to reinstate the maester to the position his son, then-acting Hand of the King, chose to remove him from. Hilariously, Pycelle sinks back into his fake hunch before waddling off at the end of the scene.

It’s an awkward and somewhat painful scene. Both characters seem a bit out of place… first with Tywin fishing, a very out-of-character in season three activity, and later with Pycelle’s silly babbling. Many would be quick to point out that Tywin is a “do it yourself” man, and we did see him skinning his own deer earlier on in the show. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that he enjoys fishing as a pass-time, but with the overall feel of the show, it feels a bit anti-Tywin to show him at his leisurely hobby.

A VFX reel was also recently released showing how the visual effects were added to many of the most impressive scenes in season three:

Game of Thrones season three is set to hit Blu-ray on February 18th, 2014, and promises even more deleted scenes and further never-before-seen bonus materials.


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