Fresh off the Slab Horror Movie News August 11, 2013: ‘7500’, ‘Insidious 2’, and ‘World War Z’


More exciting, violent, and slightly disturbing horror movie news is creeping your way today. Take a look below and tell me what you think! Is there anything you are interested in seeing? The last article is a little different for Fresh off the Slab, but it heralds in a record for zombie fans.


The Takashi Shimizu helmed aerial spooky flick 7500 is slated to be released in theaters in October 2013, according to Scout Taylor-Compton. Shimizu is known as the creator of The Grudge franchise. You can see the trailer after the synopsis.

Written by Craig Rosenberg (TV’s “Lost”) and produced by Taka Ichise (The Grudge) and Roy Lee (The Ring), 7500 follows a group of passengers who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force while on a trans-Pacific flight.

For more information, you can visit the movies official website.

Insidious 2

Two new featurettes have been released this weekend for the sequel to the insanely creepy Insidious. Take a peek at them after the synopsis.

The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

World War Z

Well, the numbers are in and it appears that the box office smash World War Z has now become Brad Pitt’s most successful movie, surpassing Troy. With international sales reported, the movie made an approximated $500 million while Pitt’s previous record was the Trojan War based Troy which made 497.3 million.

Paramount and Pitt’s Plan B are celebrating this record even though the movie cost $220 million to make and was seriously bashed by critics before the official release. The film broke records for Pitt on it’s opening day as well, making $66 million at the box office.

Now the question I see being posted here and there is: “Will this be enough for Brad Pitt and Paramount to return to the zombie realm for a sequel?”

What do you think?



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