‘Titan’ from Blizzard Entertainment is heading in a new direction – unlikely to be an subscription-based MMO



Near the end of May, we learned that there were some major changes happening to Titan, Blizzard’s much-anticipated secret project.  When it was announced, we did not know what “major changes” meant, but a recent quote from CEO Mike Morhaime provides more clarification.

The full quote below:

“We’re in the process of selecting a new direction for the project and re-envisioning what we want the game to be. While we can’t talk about the details yet, it is unlikely to be a subscription-based MMORPG.”

Sadly, beyond this brief quote, we have nothing to go off of, nor do we know what kind of game “Titan” will actually be.  Take note that he did use the term “subscription based MMORPG” and not just MMORPG.  Perhaps “Titan” was (and still is) in-visioned to be a true successor to their popular title, World of Warcraft. Even though WoW requires a monthly subscription, maybe Blizzard has decided that free-to-play has become the more viable option.

At this point, we don’t even know what Blizzard has in mind.  Maybe Titan is going to fill a completely different niche than retread the territory they have already conquered in the MMORPG realm.  Let’s be honest, it will be hard to top WoWso maybe Blizzard is going to rethink their strategy all together.

Either way, we are more than likely years away from the “Titan” release as most developers are more focused on a new WoW expansion.  At this point, it would not surprise us if “Titan” became one of those projects they start but never finish, like StarCraft: Ghost.  Only time will tell.


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