‘R.I.P.D.’ doesn’t offer anything new


kinopoisk.ruOne not so fine day a Boston cop Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is killed, but in this case, that’s only the beginning. In the afterlife, Nick accepts the offer to join Rest in Peace Department, which protects the world of the living from the dead that won’t move on into the afterlife and therefore, cause all sorts of problems. Nick is partnered up with Roy (Jeff Bridges), a former sheriff who is used to working alone. While pursuing one of the rogue dead, Nick and Roy discover evidence of a bigger sinister plot that will present ultimate threat to the world.

Based on Peter M. Lenkov’s comic book Rest in Peace Department and directed by Robert Schwentke, R.I.P.D. is pretty unremarkable, save for Jeff Bridges’ Roy and the constant bickering between him and Nick. And even then, the many attempts at comedy often fall flat. The character development seems somewhat rushed and there isn’t really much time to form any sort of emotional connection with the characters, except maybe a few scenes involving Nick trying to reach his wife after he dies. Mary-Louise Parker as Proctor adds to the more memorable scenes: her first encounter with Nick , as he arrives to the afterlife, is one of the few interesting moments in the movie. Some of the highlights are also the exchanges between Proctor and Roy. Kevin Bacon as Bobby Hayes serves his purpose in the story but is not particularly memorable.


The action and visual effects are nothing outstanding, especially when compared with other summer blockbusters this year, but there are several interesting moments towards the end of the movie. R.I.P.D. really could have used a better screenplay, since there is certainly enough acting talent involved. Overall, the movie feels underdeveloped, both story and character-wise. The idea has a potential, but unfortunately, mediocre execution makes R.I.P.D. a forgettable experience.


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